2016 BMW 1 Series For Sale

2016 BMW 1 Series For Sale

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2016 BMW 1 Series

BMW has released a new modern looking version of it’s 1 series.Minor subtle changes have been made on the interior and exterior,with new headlights front and back,new paint options and an upgraded infotainment system and wide screen Idrive display.Standard equipment across the new range includes the new L shape rear lights,the new modern sleek steering wheel,automatic air conditoning,rain sensors and the 6.5 inch wide screen however you can upgrade to the 8.8inch screen with satnav.


Bmw have also made changes to the enigne with a 1.5l three cylinder turbo charged engine which is availible in both petrol and diesel.The diesel engine produces 114bhp and the 116i produces 108bhp.BMW have also upgraded the power of the 2.0l engines which now means that the 118d produces 148bhp,120d produces 187bhp and the 125d produces 221bhp which is a lot of power for a small family hatchback.Bmw’s M135i is one of the best hot hatches around being rear wheel drive and producing 322bhp going from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds with the 8 speed automatic gear box and 5.1 second in the manual version.However from 2017 bmw released the M140i which has even more power now producing 335bhp with a 0-60 of 4.6 seconds.

Efficiency and Pricing

The new 1.5l engines from bmw are very economical with a combined MPG of 83.1,which means that it is good for inner city driving and long distance motorway driving which will improve the MPG. Best of all with the economical the road tax is completely free which is another bonus.With the price of a brand new 5 door 116d sport costing £24,245,however you can find a 66 plate low mileage 116d for around £16,000.Prices are varied due to the three different models that the BMW offer the first being the SE model which is the basic model then the Sport model which is the middle of the range then at the top of the range the M Sport .

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2016 BMW 1 Series For Sale

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