5 pieces of advice for new drivers buying their first car

5 pieces of advice for new drivers buying their first car

Blog / 5 pieces of advice for new drivers buying their first car


After passing your driving test, you will want to get your own car and be out on the road independently as soon as possible. However, as most new drivers will be young people in education or at the start of their careers, price will be a huge factor in deciding what car to purchase. Cars are quite a costly expense. It is not only the price of the vehicle itself but also the additional cost of things like insurance, breakdown cover and petrol.

1. You will also be paying for insurance, so choose a cheaper car

Considering the enormous insurance costs for new young drivers, those who have recently passed their test should browse used cars for sale instead of new ones. Having expensive insurance and an expensive car is, frankly, unaffordable for most brand new drivers. Therefore, while you may not get the same amount of life out of an older car, they will keep your costs down significantly.

2. A used car makes for the perfect first car

The shorter life span of a used car should not necessarily be considered a negative. You will inevitably encounter bumps, scratches and dents as a new driver, no matter how good a driver you are. If you have a brand new vehicle as a long-term commitment, this means you will have to fork out a sizeable amount of money for the upkeep – especially if you wish to sell it on afterwards. With a used car – one that isn’t a long-term investment – you won’t have these worries.

3. Don’t just get any used car – get a good one

There will be lots of different options when it comes to used cars for sale to new drivers. It is important, however, that you choose a good used car. You will want to test drive your vehicle to ensure it performs well. You might not want to keep it for the rest of your life, but you will want to own a car that is stylish, comfortable and functions perfectly for a decent amount of time. A high safety rating should also come into consideration. If your used car has this, you can rest assured that you are being kept secure while you are on the road. BMWs, Audis and Mercedes used cars offer great value for money and are very reliable. View stock at http://www.rixmotorcompany.co.uk.

4. A high safety rating will reduce insurance premiums

Buying a high quality car with a good safety rating will generally mean that your car falls into a lower insurance group. Insurers will recognise that these vehicles are less prone to accidents or malfunctions.  This will keep your costs down. The New Car Assessment Programme is a great resource for finding out the safety ratings of most popular car models as far back as the late 1990s.

5. Car finance is the best way for new drivers to buy a vehicle

To ease the cost, there can be used car finance available to UK based young drivers. This will allow you to pay off the car in instalments rather than in one expensive bulk payment. Car finance is available to certain customers and acts as a form of credit.

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