Adrian Lewis: MVG can get used to my war dance

Adrian Lewis: MVG can get used to my war dance

Blog / Adrian Lewis: MVG can get used to my war dance


ADRIAN LEWIS has told World No1 Michael van Gerwen he’ll have to put up with his new “war dance” after their World Cup verbals.

Jackpot and MVG had words after the Englishman upset the form book to beat him and give his country their second successive World Cup in Frankfurt on Sunday night.

The Dutchman reacted angrily to Lewis immediately after their match, seemingly unhappy with Jackpot’s celebrations during their clash.

Lewis admitted: “We have to put up with Michael’s huge celebrations during matches and it’s a bit of sour grapes if you ask me.

“No one is going to stop me celebrating. It was a massive win for me, helping my country win the World Cup is one of the highlights of my career.

“To be honest I think it was just heat of the moment. It was obviously a big blow for Michael to lose it in the deciding match to me.”

After their success, Lewis and Phil Taylor then went to the edge of the stage to acknowledge the fans – with Jackpot launching into a dance best described as a cross-between Michael Jackson and Michael Flatly in their pomp.

It’s gone down so well that Lewis now says he will use it all the time. He added: “That’s my new war dance!

“I’m going to do it just to annoy other players. I think people are surprised that I can dance, maybe it’s because I’m such a big bloke. But big blokes can also have the moves.

“Someone suggested that I have the moves like Jagger. To be fair it’s more like I have the moobs like Jagger!

“I’m not usually that mad when I win a match, but it meant a lot to me. It’s a strange dynamic the World Cup because if you lose, you’re not just letting yourself down, you are letting down your country and team partner.

“I’m quite glad I couldn’t see Phil’s reactions when I missed the winning doubles to start with. But the pressure was on.

“It was probably just an outpouring of relief if anything. That’s why I covered Phil in kisses. I was just over the moon not to come off that stage a loser and having to face him having a go at me!”

Lewis also believes it’s another reminder of what he can produce under pressure. He added: “People forget about what I can do. I’ve made the World Final and Premier League semi-finals over the past few months, yet I’m not really on the radar.

“The Premier League came so quick after the World Championship. It took me a few weeks to get going because I was still suffering from a World Final sort of hangover, I was gutted to miss out on my third World title.

“But I’ll be back and Sunday night proved what I’m capable of. I can beat anyone in the world on my day.”

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