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As summer approaches the most important thing about your car is the air conditioning.As we are coming up to summer people should take into consideration having a air conditoning service. This is important for multipule reasons.

Firstly you area checking that you do not have and leaks due to bad road conditioning and hot tempratures.

Secondly if you have not used your air conditioning for a while such as during the winter time you need to check that all the seals are secure and moist this is to make sure not gas is leaking and the compressor is running smoothly.

Finally Bacteria builds up which leaves a stale smell in the car when you turn the air conditioning on.This could be dirt building up around the pollen filters and in the air vents.The pollen filter is key in air conditioning as it filters out all of the bacteria before it enters the cabin.

An air conditioning recharge service is when they fill up the gas to an appropriate level, this is okay for a short term solution however it is advised that you do have a full air conditioning service befroe summer just to make sure that everything is running smoothly and there is no harmful bacteria in the filters. You can get an air conditioning service or recharge at most car garages in your local area.

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