Italian job police get stylish Gilulia QV cars

Italian job police get stylish Gilulia QV cars

Blog / Italian job police get stylish Gilulia QV cars



While most police forces around the world are stuck with relatively dull saloons and hatchbacks, the Italian Carabinieri get wheels with a bit more elegance.

The Italian military police force has just taken delivery of its latest rapid response vehicle – an Alfa Romeo Gilulia QV, which will join forces in Rome and Milan

The specially-tuned Giulia retains the same engine and chassis as the regular Giulia QV, which is no bad thing.

The 2.9-litre V6 engine lying underneath the curvy bodywork produces a mammoth 503bhp, which means it will hit 62mph in under 4 seconds. The car can then go on to a top speed of 190mph. In true sporting spirit, the Carabinieri has even retained a manual gearbox for maximum driver enjoyment.

Up top, a special LED light bar has been fitted, while the stylish interior has made way for essential police equipment, including a radio, defibrillator, weapon storage compartments, and a passenger-side tablet.

Criminals can breathe easy though, as these Giulia QV’s won’t be used for general traffic duties. Instead they’ll be retained for high-importance jobs, including transporting organs and escorting VIPs.

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