Gary Anderson on flight of fantasy

Gary Anderson on flight of fantasy

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WORLD champ Gary Anderson admits he’s on a flight of fantasy as he bids to take his first major title on Scottish soil.

The Musselburgh ace has touched down in New Zealand for the next leg of the World Series which starts tomorrow (Friday).

Ando then goes to Shanghai the following week for round three, having won in the Dubai opener with a sensational comeback against Michael van Gerwen.

The goal for Anderson is glory in Glasgow in the final leg at Braehead in November – but first he has to get the smiles with air miles.

He admitted: “This week’s flight to Auckland was the longest scheduled flight you can do. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it and some experience.

“I’m usually not so bad on the plane, I just go for a kip and you couldn’t help it this time.

“But that flight is something that you could not have imagined doing at any point for a game of darts.

“It’s amazing to think you could go so far in the one go and someone told me it was actually it was the longest-possible journey in the world you can do non-stop.

“So that’s me, I must be in the history books!”

The two-times world champ also admits he’s better prepared for the World Series this year – 12 months ago he was more about tourist than tungsten.

He added:  “It’s fantastic and the experiences are something else. Last year was my first in the World Series and I wanted to try and make as much of it as I could.

“I did some really cool things and it was such a pleasure to take-in different cultures and different people.

“You see some incredible parts of the world and you feel so fortunate to be able to go to these places for your work and play darts.

“The game has given me a good life and I am grateful for it each day, especially days when you are seeing some of the lovely countries and parts of the world you couldn’t have imagined seeing through playing the game.

“Everything takes time to get used to. I’ll admit it, the first year was an experience and it was like a bit of a sightseeing trip going to new venues and cities.

“This year things are a bit different.

“It was fun last year for me, but now it’s more business and I know what to expect.

“I wasn’t really happy that I didn’t do as well as I wanted in the World Series last year and I wanted to take steps to put that right.

“For example, Dubai caught me out last year with the heat and the outdoor conditions, so I went earlier to acclimatise and used different, heavier darts this time.

“It paid off and I won, so it shows the benefit of having been there and done it when you go back.

“That’ll be the same for the other events going forward this year and, of course, with it all culminating in Glasgow again, there is even more incentive.”

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