Gary Anderson: I need a private jet!

Gary Anderson: I need a private jet!

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GARY ANDERSON is ready to buy himself a PRIVATE JET so he can deal with the intense travelling of the darting calendar.

The Flying Scotsman’s hopes of retaining the Premier League were shattered by a 10-7 defeat to Phil Taylor in the semi-finals at the O2 on Thursday night.

Michael van Gerwen went onto regain the title after destroying The Power in the final 11-3 but all the players complained that tiredness was affecting their performances.

Now Ando is convinced he needs to get a bit more Hollywood to save having to be on the road so much.

He admitted: “I’m going to do a Tom Cruise or John Travolta and buy a private jet or helicopter so I can get to events quicker.

“I bought myself a VW Transporter a few years back which I had a bed put into so I could sleep easier around events in the UK. But that’s not good enough anymore – a private jet is needed nowadays.

“The travelling now in our calendar is just outrageous. I’ve been home for 13 days since the Premier League started – that’s just two weeks out of four months.

“I’m not whinging believe me. I think what Barry Hearn and the PDC have done to this sport is beyond unbelievable, but it is taking its toll.

“I think all the players are knackered. Phil and I both felt that Michael would suffer burn out halfway through the Premier League. But in the end we all got a bit jaded. To be fair Michael just had a bit more in the tank ultimately, fair play to him.

“It’s a new dynamic of the game we are all adjusting to. It’s now a survival of the fittest. Once upon a time it was all about practice, practice, practice. Now it’s whether you feel fresh and sharp for a tournament.

“With the amount of money now in the game you simply cannot complain about the amount of events. The sport has grown so much. Now it’s up to the players to deal with it. I think a private jet is the only answer for me!”

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