Gary Anderson thanks the drizzle for NZ win!

Gary Anderson thanks the drizzle for NZ win!

Blog / Gary Anderson thanks the drizzle for NZ win!


GARY ANDERSON reckons the DRIZZLE of New Zealand is making him feel at home as he blasted into the semi-finals of the latest World Series.

The World Champion breezed past Peter Wright 10-6 in Auckland and now faces Raymond van Barneveld in the last four.

Anderson reigned supreme in the opening round of the Series in Dubai last month and is now going for back-to-back triumphs in the race for Finals night at Glasgow’s Braehead Arena in November.

But despite suffering from jet lag after his journey to the other side of the world, Ando says he feels more at home than ever.

He said: “Auckland feels more like being at home than where I live in England!

“I absolutely love it over here. Last year, I actually stayed on for an extra week. I did some touring and sightseeing and loved New Zealand.

“There is something about this place which reminds of Scotland.

“Dubai was magnificent last month, but it was a bit hot for the likes of me.

“Auckland is more like Scotland. Wee bit of drizzle and cool. Just the temperatures I like!

“The scenery is also spectacular. It reminds me so much of Scotland with the greenery.

“I’ve seen a few places in my life and New Zeland is the closest you can get to Scotland without being home. I just enjoy being here.”

Despite a shaky start, Anderson waltzed past Wrighty with a classy display oozing big scoring and clinical leg kills.

But while he was dazzling with the darts, he struggled with the bright lights on the stage.

He laughed: “It was a bit glary up there during the game.

“I don’t know whether somebody stuck another 50 pence into the electric meter, but it was shining pretty brightly.

“To be honest, I started off well went to sleep on doubles.

“In truth, I should have won the first five legs, yet I went into the break at 3-2 down.

“Every time I go off for a break, it takes me a couple of legs to get back into it.

“Once I found myself out, I was alright.

“I was scoring well towards the close of the match, too.

“I’m happy. It’s two weeks since I had thrown a dart and I played well against Bernie Smith on Friday.

“I wasn’t quite as strong in this one, but I’m pleased enough with a last-four place and Sunday’s a new day.”

Anderson will face Raymond van Barneveld in the semi-finals.

The Dutchman cruised past Dave Chisnall to secure his spot in the last-four.

Anderson defeated Barney in Dubai a month ago on his way to that title and said: “He’s playing well, but I know what I have got to do.”

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