Gary Anderson is world champ thanks to the pub!

Gary Anderson is world champ thanks to the pub!

Blog / Gary Anderson is world champ thanks to the pub!


By Phil Lanning

GARY ANDERSON became a double world champion thanks to going down the PUB.

The Flying Scotsman plays Steve Beaton tonight (Fri) in the quarter-finals of the World Matchplay – bidding for his first title at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

But he revealed that playing down the pub again renewed his love for the game.

Anderson admitted: “Things are going well for me now and I’m just plodding along happily.

“At one stage, I found the harder I practised, the worse it I got.

“I just stopped it, starting going back into the pub and throwing with the lads.

“I began to enjoy the game again and that’s when things started to flow once more. Life is good just now.

“I’ve got the wee man son Tai travelling around everywhere with me and I’ve got the support of my two other boys.

“I see things differently these days. I used to beat myself if I lost, now I move onto to the next one and say well done if someone is better than me on the night.

“You have to know you are in a fortunate position.

“I worked for years on the building site and that’s real work.

“The losing cheque for the first round here is £6,000. That was half a year’s salary when I started work and I’ll never forget that.

“I’m grateful for what I do, I enjoy what I do and I think that helps.”

Anderson also took a swipe at the wannabe world champs who mouth off but can’t back it up with performances.

He added: “There’s Michael van Gerwen up there, Phil Taylor is playing well and you need to get up to 104-plus averages to win these.

“I don’t look at tournaments like that anymore, anyway. If you win fortunate enough to win one, great, if not, so be it.

“Some players say they are going to do this, or they are going to World No1 in a few years or whatever.

“But it’s quite simple. You have to either put up or shut up.

“The players these days are too good for you to pick your way through a tournament and say what you are going to do, that’s not possible.

“Steve Beaton’s no mug and he knows how to handle these stages.

“It’s going to be a good game and a hard game because he’s a great lad and we’ll get up there and get on with it.”

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