Audi A1 Deals For 2020

Audi A1 Deals For 2020

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In a series of articles, we are taking a closer look at a variety of different vehicles, focusing on their history, their feature set, their general legacy within the automotive industry, and the best finance deals that we currently have available for each model. In today’s blog, we are spotlighting the Audi A1.

Audi A1: An Overview

The Audi A1 first left the production line in 2010, with prototype motors having been designed in the preceding years. This supermini car was designed to offer a sporty, casual and smooth ride for drivers, with its main competitors being the likes of the SEAT Ibiza, Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia. The car quickly gained popularity, with a five-door Sportback update becoming available fairly early into its life cycle (the original version was a three-door model). Its second generation began in 2018, and based on the strong sales figures that it has attained in the past decade, the signs are promising that the Audi A1 has an even brighter future ahead.

Features & Specs

The Audi A1 has always presented a dynamic overall package aimed at pleasing younger drivers who may want more bang for their buck, expecting a car that achieves many things beyond the basics. Along with numerous incarnations (the Sportback being the most notable) and a variety of trims (Technik, Sport, S Line, S Line Competition, S Line Contrast and S Line Style), the current A1 series has decided to remove any elements of diesel power for the engine, and instead it offers a choice of four petrol variants, consisting of 25 TFSI, 30 TFSI, 35 TFSI and the more powerful (and thus more costly) 40 TFSI. What’s more, there is a choice of four transmissions in the form of 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed S tronic and 7-speed S tronic.

As for what the car offers inside the vehicle to enhance the journey for both the driver and passengers, the Audi A1 comes with MMI radio and an Audi smartphone interface that integrates both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to link to the phone of choice for the person behind the wheel. In addition, the A1 provides an air vent with door handle recesses and a centre console, along with ISOFIX child seat mounting to ensure that younger passengers are kept safe and secure at all times, and also front and rear head restraints. On top of these elements, the A1 also comes with a leather gear knob, a luggage compartment light to assist for any longer excursion trips, a leather handbrake grip and manual air conditioning to help passengers during drives in the summer temperatures.

On the exterior of the vehicle, the Audi A1 boasts LED headlights, which includes LED rear lights, dynamic rear indicators and LED daytime running bulbs. What’s more, the car also provides rain and light sensors, rear fog lights, a heated rear windscreen, door mirrors and bumpers that match the colour of the vehicle as a whole, along with an automated dimming rear view mirror, a rear wiper and electronically-operated windows at the front and rear of the car. When it comes to the plethora of features and specifications for the Audi A1, it seems that it isn’t a case of what the vehicle offers, but merely what it doesn’t, because it manages to pack so much into one incredible driving package, which likely explains the strong sales that the Audi A1 has attained ever since its launch ten years ago.

Current Audi A1 on Finance Deals

In terms of our current finance plans for the Audi A1, we will start off by mentioning our most recent version available, that being a 2018 registration model which has a striking scuba blue bodywork and a low mileage to date of around 7,000. The hatchback car runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it can be bought from us today for £58 per week, which means £232 per month and £13,999 in total.

Audi A1 finance deals UK

Next up, there is our 2015 registration offering from the later stages of its first generation. This particular hatchback vehicle has a floret silver bodywork, and its mileage so far comes in at approximately 16,000. The motor also runs on petrol with manual transmission, and compared to our first example, this option will represent a notable saving, as it can be purchased now for only £54 per week, which equates to £216 per month, and with a price of £12,999 when buying it in one fell swoop.

Finally, there is our cheapest option right now for the Audi A1 with no deposit deals. It is actually a more recent model than in our second example, given that it is a 2015 registration hatchback car with a mileage to date of 28,000, making it very experienced and with proven efficiency. This black vehicle runs on diesel power with manual transmission, adding to its feeling of extra horsepower, and it is available today from our showroom for just £46 per week, which translates to paying £184 per month or £10,999 as a total purchase.


Ten years in, and the Audi A1 is not only still going strong, but we feel that it has yet to reach its peak in terms of performance and what it can offer to motorists no matter their budget nor driving intentions. As we are early into the second generation, there is still the potential for a mid-gen upgrade which those that closely monitor the industry should keep a close eye on, but in the meantime, we have some outstanding deals for current A1 models as noted, as well as offering the best prices around for those who are happy to sample the A1 from its early days as a way to save a bit of money. Whatever the case, the Audi A1 is a truly exceptional and highly popular vehicle, and one that we can’t recommend enough for anyone seeking to buy a car in the near future.

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