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The Audi A1 is one of the newest ranges for the manufacturer, having first been launched at the beginning of this decade, and it has already become well-established as a firm favourite amongst motorists. Based on this, you may be thinking about purchasing an Audi A1 yourself, and so we have provided details of our top finance deals for this series below.

We will begin with a 2016 registration version of the Audi A1. This is quite a recent vehicle, coming in the latter stages of the A1’s first generation (the second generation vehicle arrived in 2018). It comes in a smooth silver bodywork, adding to its feeling of freshness and vigour, and it has only driven up 17,000 miles so far. This hatchback car runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it can be bought today for £63 per week, meaning £252 per month, and the car costs £14,999 as a one-off purchase.

Next up, we have got a fine deal for a 2015 registration model of the Audi A1 range; it is slightly older, but it certainly does not result in a drop in quality or efficiency. This vehicle has a blue exterior, and it has a mileage to date of 34,000 miles. Unlike our first example, this hatchback motor runs on diesel with manual transmission, and if you wish to buy it, the car costs only £48 per week, equating to £192 per month, or £11,499 in total.

Finally, we come to our lowest-priced finance plan for the Audi A1 which comes under £200 a month. This would be for another 2015 registration vehicle, this time in a striking black bodywork. It has only driven 21,000 miles in its four years on the road, meaning that the vehicle is still relatively fresh from a functionality standpoint. This hatchback motor runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and if you decide to purchase this iteration of the Audi A1, it will cost just £46 per week, which equates to £182 per month, and an overall value of £10,999.

These are just three of our great finance deals for the AUDI A1, and you can see more AUDI FINANCE DEALS here.

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