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It is over two decades since Audi first introduced the A3 range. Since then, this series has attracted much interest and strong sales amongst motorists, and it is currently well into its third generation. In fact, we may soon be privy to the announcement of a fourth-gen version of the A3, which first saw the light of day back in 1996. In the meantime, we have got some superb finance plans for the A3 here at Rix Motors, which we have listed in this article.

Firstly, there is a relatively recent iteration of the A3 range, as it is a 2015 registration vehicle from midway through the current third generation. It comes in a cool white bodywork, and its mileage right now stands at approximately 22,000. This is a hatchback vehicle that runs on petrol with semi automatic transmission, and to buy this particular model, it will cost you £54 per week, which comes to £216 per month, and £12,999 as a complete purchase.

Secondly, we have got a deal which means that you would be paying £50 per week for your A3 motor. It is for a 2014 registration model, one that has a cool blue exterior to it. Its efficiency is demonstrated by the fact that it has already racked up 34,000 miles in its five years on the road. This hatchback car runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and if you wish to buy the vehicle, the price is only £50 per week, which equates to £200 per month, meaning that it would be £11,999 in total.

Finally, we are looking at an Audi A3 model that represents a truly great saving from a financial standpoint. It is for a 2010 registration vehicle, so it comes from the latter stages of the second generation, and it also has a grey bodywork. In the nine years since this vehicle first hit the tarmac, it has driven up around 84,000 miles, but it still has a lot of life left in the tank. This is also a hatchback vehicle, and it runs on petrol with manual transmission. To own this vehicle, it will cost you just £29 per week, which is £116 per month, and £6,999 in total, which is one of our very best deals for any vehicle.

These are just three of our great finance deals for the AUDI A3, and you can see more AUDI FINANCE DEALS here.

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