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If you are shopping around for a new car on finance, some of the very best options come from Audi. They have a huge fleet of vehicles, covering all shapes and sizes, and their ranges have plenty of variety making sure that you are bound to find a model that is suited to you and your requirements. With the winter season fast approaching, you may wish to get your new car in before the Christmas festivities begin, and so if you are thinking of making it an Audi, we’ve picked out some of the best vehicles on the market at this time.


Now, if an Audi is what you want, then the first thought you will have is to check out what their newest models are. As such, we’ve picked out a great Audi car that is a 2018 registration, meaning that it has only left the production line very recently. The Audi S5 is a very neat, sleek and spacious vehicle, sporting the classic Audi logo on the front grille and, in this particular case, coming in a smooth and clean white bodywork. What’s more, it only has 5,000 miles on the clock so far, and it runs on petrol with automatic transmission. To make this Audi yours, it will cost £163 per week, or you can buy it as a one-off spend for £38,999.


Next up, we have the Audi A7 on finance. This is an older car, but not by a lot of time, being a 2016 registration vehicle. It too sports that same white exterior for the bodywork, but it has driven up more miles with approximately 16,000 reached as of this writing. It operates differently from the S5 in that it runs on diesel power with semi-automatic transmission, and the car is also available at a knockdown price of just £121 per week, or alternatively if you wish to buy the car in one large instalment, you’ll be paying £28,999 for this to join your collection.


We’re finishing things off with a superb deal that we currently have for the Audi A3 on finance. This is a sportier, more easy-going offering from the manufacturer, and this particular vehicle has an eye-catching red bodywork. It is also a 2016 registration vehicle, making it relatively new, and its 32,000 miles to date are enough to let you know it is efficient, whilst not being so high that the car doesn’t still have its best days ahead. Running on petrol with semi-automatic transmission, this car is available right now for only £92 per week, or £21,999 as a one-off purchase, representing excellent value however you choose to buy it. Audi have a ton of great models on offer, and these are some of the best deals that we can provide, but they’re far from alone. Check out our full stock  here.

As you may imagine, though, we have a whole host of car finance deals available for Audi models. Apply today for an instant No Obligation quote, if you want to know more? Call us on 01925 230360.

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