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Audi introduced its Q7 SUV model back in 2005. Though the range received a facelift back in 2010, its second generation officially began in 2015. As we write this, the Q7 is considered a real success for the manufacturer, and no doubt work has already gone into developing enhancements for the Q7 to benefit future drivers. Before then, though, the Q7 is a great vehicle to drive, and we have got some notable finance deals for this series here at Rix Motors.

We will begin with a finance plan for a very recent, nearly-new iteration of the Q7, one that has a 2018 registration, meaning that it has only been on the road for a matter of months. To that end, this black Q7 vehicle only has 6,000 miles to its name thus far. This estate motor runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be bought from us today for £167 per week, which comes in at £668 per month, and £39,999 if you wish to buy this vehicle in the form of a one-off purchase.

Next up, we are focusing on an Audi Q7 from the very late stages of its first generation. It is a 2014 registration vehicle, and it has a grey bodywork which is in line with its powerful, intimidating feel. The car has clocked up 39,000 miles as of this writing, and as with our first example, this vehicle also runs on diesel power with automatic transmission. This estate car can be purchased for £117 per week, which results in it being £468 per month and £27,999 to buy it outright.

Last of all, we come to a finance plan for an Audi Q7 on finance which comes to less than £100 per month. That would be for a 2012 registration vehicle, which has a clear white exterior and is highly experienced, given that its mileage to date stands at around 62,000. Once more, this estate car runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and if you want to buy this version of the Audi Q7, the weekly cost is only £96 per week, which equates to £384 per month, and £22,999 as the total cost of this vehicle.

These are just three of our great finance deals for the AUDI Q7, and you can see more AUDI FINANCE DEALS here.

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