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If you have a large family, then you will need a car that can accommodate the significant number of passengers. At Rix Motors, there is a wide range of vehicles available that provide plenty of room and comfort for bigger families. Here, we will be taking a closer look at the best cars on the market right now for those who need to have several passengers on board for most of their journeys on the road.


First of all, there is the Mercedes V-Class. The Mercedes Benz is associated with prestige and value, and so it comes as no surprise that they would offer a spacious vehicle of the highest quality for families. This can seat up to eight passengers (equating to parents at the front and up to six children at the back), though it does have the option to adjust the seating to either make the most of all eight chairs or to have one seat laying down and allowing extra space for what would then be seven passengers (for a family of four, a second chair can be lowered to create further space still). Add to that a wealth of on-board entertainment options, leather materials for the interior of the vehicle, and plenty of storage to give the classy motor a van-esque feel while operating to the level of a first-class car, and the end result is a superb overall package for any large families to be considering for a future purchase.

Next up, we have got the Hyundai i800. Like with the Mercedes V-Class, this vehicle can seat up to eight passengers including the driver, but whereas the V-Class focuses on delivering a feeling of plushness and up-market style, the i800 is the cheaper option for those large families that do not have a massive budget.  If we were to be metaphorical, its more like a staycation cottage option rather than a full board holiday abroad. But don’t confuse a drop in price with a drop in quality, because the i800 is still a fantastic all-around vehicle with plenty of room, sliding doors and a ton of colour options for the bodywork. It too comes packed with lots of features, perhaps none more noticeable than the impressive sound system, as well as several important driver assistance tools such as a rear parking camera. It looks more like a van from a distance, but once you get behind the wheel, it is closer in feel to a regular-sized car, all with the additional space for the children at the back.

Then there is the Ford Tourneo Custom. We have already spotlighted two great cars for large families that have eight seats apiece, but what is even better than that? Having nine seats, of course! That is what you get with the Ford Tourneo Custom, though in an unusual manner as it will see the two front seats replaced by a three-person bench, which is a novelty and a unique aspect that allows the Tourneo Custom to stand out amongst the pack. As the name of this model would suggest, there is the ability to have further customisation for other seats at the rear of the vehicle as well, which helps if you happen to have a large family with all on board along with some friends. Given that there is room for nine people, it is no surprise that the vehicle stretches back a fair amount, which offers tons of storage, lots of legroom and space for everybody to enjoy the drive in this exciting and popular nine-seat motor.

We can’t forget to give a mention to the Vauxhall Combo Life. For this range, there is the option to go for the seven-seat version if you wish, thus catering to a larger family, or you can downsize to a five-seat vehicle if you do not need the biggest model available. This versatility gives the Vauxhall Combo Life an advantage over the other cars we have mentioned, because even those which have fold-down seats come in their standard, super-sized form only, whereas for the Combo Life, you could potentially get the smaller vehicle to begin with and then upgrade to the seven-seat version over time. Partly because it has fewer seats (but still enough to cater for all of the family), it is a fairly compact design, and its length does not extend quite as far back as those vehicles we have already mentioned; however, there is still more than enough room for everybody to travel comfortably, and the third row of seats provides a stadium-esque feel to counter any potential travel sickness for younger passengers. So, it’s a very worthy model, though it might feel like a tight squeeze when all seven seats are taken!

Finally, we need to bring up the Volvo XC90. The key with the Vauxhall Combo Life was how it felt a bit more compact in terms of length, and the XC90 is even smaller in terms of its size from the very front to the very back. However, it more than makes up for this with a greater width, making this a powerhouse of a family car. This is an SUV with a difference, as it brings a great combination of storage, comfort, prestige and entertainment, all while providing a thoroughly pleasant driving experience and all for a very affordable price. If you do not require an eight- or nine-seater motor, then the XC90 is as good an option as any for your family.

Summing things up, then, there are lots of options available for drivers who need a car to cater for a big family all on no deposit deals. Which model you go for depends on what features you need, and also how many passengers you will require the car to hold, but rest assured that whatever vehicle you decide is best, you will get the most out of it from both a driving and pricing standpoint.

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