Best Cars For Summer 2019

Best Cars For Summer 2019

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already well into 2019. Indeed, we’re creeping ever closer to the summer season, as evidenced by the lighter evenings and the slowly-increasing temperatures, and in the automotive world, this means that we’re about to see some great new cars launched just in time for the hottest period of the year. Today, we’re spotlighting the best new cars set to hit the road this summer.


We begin with the Mercedes EQC. This is a large-scale SUV, seating up to five passengers, but it is also operated on electric power, making it a strong vehicle with the intention of positively impacting its surroundings. It will boast an 80 kWh battery that delivers an output of approximately 400bhp, and it will have the ability to drive up to 250 miles before requiring a recharge, which demonstrates just how powerful and highly-capable the EQC is. Look out for this model when it officially lands this summer.


The next car we will profile is the Kia Soul EV. This brings an interesting new dimension to the typical Kia style. The already-established Soul range is taken to a new level with this car, a more compact and suave version of the Soul, and as the EV tag suggests, it is primarily designed to operate on electric power in the European continent (thankfully, Brexit can’t stop this vehicle from coming to British shores!). It’s a design that keeps the outside necessities to a minimum while feeling cool and sophisticated, and so we expect great demand for the Kia Soul EV.


We’ll round things off with a more traditional update, that being the latest incarnation of the highly-popular Volkswagen Golf series. This will be instantly familiar to those who have owned a Golf in the past, but the new version embraces the modern technological age, removing analogue dials, switches and buttons and going all-touchscreen, with all of the main capabilities handled digitally. It also focuses more on allowing the driver to relax as the car is in motion, making it the sleekest and most forward-thinking Golf yet. We can’t wait for this one!

So, these are just some of the top new cars or revamps to look out for this summer of 2019.
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