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Best New Cars For Students & Young Professionals

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So, you have just passed your A-Levels and are heading to university, or maybe you have recently graduated and are now entering the world of work on a full-time basis. You may decide at these crucial points of your life to consider buying a car that will help you through this significant transitional period. Here at Rix Motors, we often provide the best possible vehicles for those who are relatively new to the road, and so we have noted below the most suitable choices for both students and young professionals on finance.

ford fiesta finance
Ford Fiesta on finance

We begin with the Ford Fiesta on finance. It is a classic range, a long-running series, and generally a vehicle that gets you from A to B. It concentrates on efficiency and ensuring that the driving experience is smooth and to the point. Though it does have its share of neat design features, it is not a flashy car by any means, with unnecessary aspects that hike up its overall value. Instead, it focuses on the basics, making sure that whoever is behind the wheel can adapt easily and ultimately benefit from driving the vehicle. For younger men and women who not only want to keep costs down but just want to get used to life alone in the driver’s seat, the Ford Fiesta is an excellent option.

Toyota Yaris finance
Toyota Yaris on finance

Next up, there is the Toyota Yaris. Again, this is a car that has an emphasis on completing its core tasks effectively, but its sleeker exterior and international flair (which is not surprising, considering that it has its roots in Japan where Toyota are based) allow it to stand out from other similar models. If the Fiesta is 1A for straight-to-the-point cars, then the Yaris is an excellent 1B, offering elements that the Fiesta does not, and also coming in at a lower cost depending on what aspects you are hoping to prioritise. It is a very cool machine, and one that you would be very proud to show your fellow students or work colleagues.

Fiat 500 finance
Fiat 500 finance deals

We will round things off by talking about a number of other vehicles out there. The Fiat 500 has a strong following and is a highly-lauded motor within the driving community. The Audi A1 has been covered on our site in the past, but needless to say that it is a fantastic vehicle that ticks all of the boxes that a new driver would require.

DS3 finance
DS3 on finance

And then there is the DS 3, a subcompact motor that features additional innovation compared to the other cars we have mentioned here, all within a sleeker package that results in a cosier, more intimate driving experience. You can take a look at our full stock for these cars here.

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