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We recently covered the subject of the BMW 1 Series range, and in particular we noted how it can be considered as both a sports car and a family car. Regardless of how you define it, though, it remains an excellent vehicle, and so you may wish to consider our finance deal options for the model (all with no deposit required), some of which we have highlighted below.

Bmw 1 series 2016 no deposit finance rix motors
1 Series 2016 reg

First of all, we have a deal that we will soon be offering for a 2016 registration edition of the BMW 1 Series. It has a grey bodywork, and the hatchback vehicle has driven up just 13,000 miles to date. It runs on petrol with manual transmission, and if you wish to buy this car once it arrives in our showroom, it will be available for £88 per week, which comes in at around £352 per month, or £20,999 if you want to make a one-off purchase.

BMW 1 series 2015 reg on finance
BMW 1 Series 2015 reg

Secondly, there is a very good deal that we have got right now for a 2015 registration vehicle. It has a black complexion to the outside of the car, which is not only a strong colour but allows it to stand out from other vehicles around you on the road. It has also only racked up 38,000 miles thus far, meaning that it has a ton of life left. It runs on petrol power with manual transmission, and if you want to purchase the car today, it can be bought for only £50 per week, resulting in it being £200 per month, or £11,999 to buy it in one go.

BMW 1 series on finance no deposit
BMW 1 Series on finance

Last but not least, we present what is our best deal for the BMW 1 Series when it comes to keeping the total cost down. It is for a 2012 registration vehicle, one with a clear white bodywork. It is a highly experienced model, having covered 134,000 miles since hitting the road for the first time around seven years ago. This convertible model runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and to buy this vehicle today, it would set you back just £33 per week, equating to £132 per month or £7,999 as a complete purchase.

These are only three of our multitude of excellent finance deals for the BMW 1 Series, though, and as noted, there would be no deposit payment attached to any of them.

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