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You can’t go wrong with a BMW car. As a matter of fact, BMW is one of the very best, and most globally-renowned, manufacturers on the market. Indeed, if you are looking for a high-performance, efficiently-operated and feature-packed vehicle, BMW has a whole range of options for you to consider. Here, we have noted a few of the top finance deals we currently have that would allow you to add a BMW model to your collection.

BMW X1 on finance - rix motors
BMW X1 on Finance

We will begin by looking at the BMW X1, a pretty snazzy car that delivers a smooth, relaxing and above all else enjoyable driving experience. Our best deal for the BMW X1 right now is for a 2011 registration model, which has a white bodywork that helps to enhance its feeling of freshness. This estate vehicle is very experienced, having clocked up 82,000 miles in its eight years on the road so far. The car runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it can be bought from Rix Motors today for £42 per week, which translates to £168 per month, and £9,999 in total.

BMW 1 series on finance - Rix Motors
BMW 1 Series on Finance

This really is a great deal, but it is far from our only eye-catching finance plan amongst the BMW models. Another offer worthy of your consideration concerns the BMW 1 Series, and in particular, a 2010 registration car with a bright red bodywork that brings a sense of warmth and colour to the vehicle. This convertible car has 66,000 miles on its history to date, and it also runs on diesel power with manual transmission. To buy this BMW 1 Series model today will only cost you £37 per week, which comes to £148 per month, or £8,999 as a whole.

BMW 3 Series estate on finance - rix motors
BMW 3 Series estate on finance

If you are looking for a truly exceptional deal from a pricing standpoint, though, then we simply have to inform you about our cheapest deal for the BMW 3 Series. It concerns a 60 registration car (so a vintage model in the scheme of things), which has a silver blue bodywork that helps it to stand out amongst the crowd. This family/estate car has seen and done it all, as evidenced by its high mileage of 97,000 over the past 8 years. It runs on diesel with manual transmission, but its value is what makes this deal something to turn your head at. This BMW 3 Series estate is available now for just £33 per week! That means only £132 per month, and a complete cost of £7,999, which is astonishingly low and is perhaps our very best deal if you wish to save money and go for an efficient machine that has a unique, almost nostalgic charm.

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