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If you’re thinking of buying a new car, then the top manufacturers will be in your mind first and foremost, and they don’t come much bigger or better than BMW. Indeed, BMW cars deliver class, prestige, excitement and relaxation all in one package, and there are a vast number of ranges that BMW provide, with each series having its own nifty benefits to put a smile on the driver’s face every time. We have a large number of BMW cars on sale right now, and we’ve picked out a few of our best deals in this article.


We start with a BMW 4 Series on finance vehicle that comes in a stunning dark red bodywork; you can practically see the car sparkling and shining from a distance. It’s a 2016 registration motor, so it’s a relatively recent instalment from this highly popular series, and it has only driven up 26,000 miles as of this writing. Running on diesel power with automatic transmission, the car is a real steal, and it can be yours today for only £117 per week on a finance plan, or if you wish to purchase it outright in one go, it will come to £27,999.


Next up, we have a BMW 3 Series car on finance. This is a slightly sleeker brand model than that of the 4 Series, and its grey bodywork is a dark but shiny, adding a more sporty feel to the driving experience. It is also a 2016 registration vehicle, and it has clocked up even fewer miles to date, currently standing at around 16,000. Again, it runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and should you wish to make a purchase for this iteration of the 3 Series, it’s available now for the same price of £113 per week, and again £26,999 if you prefer a one-off purchase.


We’ll finish off with a car that offers great driving for reduced value, meaning that you’ll be paying little more than £104 a week for a top-drawer motor. That would be for the BMW 2 Series on finance, once more a 2016 registration vehicle, but this time coming in a cool, suave grey bodywork. Its 12,000 miles so far are relatively low, making it close to new as an all-round car, and in this case the vehicle runs on petrol with automatic transmission. If you’re thinking about buying this BMW 2 Series, the weekly price is just £102 per week, a terrific offer, or £24,999 if you wish to buy the car as a whole in one amount.

These are only a couple of our great BMW finance deals right now. Want to know more? Call us on 01925 230360.

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