Buying a used car? Why not consider a BMW?

Buying a used car? Why not consider a BMW?

Blog / Buying a used car? Why not consider a BMW?


When it comes to buying a used car, we’re well aware that there are plenty of makes and models to choose from. Here at Rix Motor Company, we stock all sorts: from Audis and Citroens to SEATs and Vauxhalls.

One make that we find to be consistently popular when buying a used car is BMW, so we always ensure that we have a variety of models from the German car manufacturer in stock. If you’re planning on buying a BMW in Warrington, have a look at our website or come and visit us to see just how many vehicles we have in stock.

Why are so many people buying a BMW? Well, the brand is renowned for its quality, aesthetics and workmanship. While some cars become very unreliable once they have reached a high level of mileage, BMWs will just keep going.

While the brand is still very much seen as a prestige brand (and this is reflected in the prices of brand new models!), you may be surprised to find that buying a used BMW can be much more affordable than you think. We’ve sold 3 Series and 5 Series models – and even a few Z4s – for under £10,000; all in great condition and many with a partial or full service history.

German cars – whether you go for a BMW, Mercedes or Porsche – are designed to last, and are built to a very high standard. You’ll find that acceleration is faster and handling better than that of some other car manufacturers; these are vehicles that are built for performance.

If you’re determined to purchase a used BMW or any other used vehicle but are concerned about the price, then you’ll be pleased to learn that we offer both part exchange and financing services – meaning that your dream car can easily become a reality.

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