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It is easy to see an image of a vehicle and to simply think “that car would suit me”, but would you be able to differentiate these various motors based on their body types by name? That is what we will be focusing on in this blog article to help you buy a car.

Starting with smaller and sleeker models, we first have City cars, which are designed to provide a simple driving experience, allowing for a smooth ride and compact space; a no-frills vehicle, you might say, though they can still come packed with features. A Hatchback is a step up, providing more space sufficient to fit a family, while also remaining a tight enough package to avoid it seeming too bulky. In the reverse, we have the Supermini, a car that does allow for multiple passengers, but is best suited to those travelling alone, couples, or those with only one or two small children sitting in the back.

Don’t mistake reduced size for reduced performance, though. Sometimes, vehicles are intentionally designed with some features being minimalistic in order for the experience itself to be enhanced. Coupé cars are a good example of this, often being two doors thus giving the impression that you would be cramped, but it allows for a greater focus on the interior aspects and also the smoothness of travelling. Convertibles are a bit similar, offering a little less space but with the chance to really enjoy high speeds and increased control, hence younger drivers finding such models appealing. Meanwhile, an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) is quite the opposite, offering plenty of space while still remaining a car at its core as opposed to a van, and it allows versatility based on what you are hoping to get from the vehicle.

If you are looking for storage and room, though, the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is perhaps the most popular model to go for, with a plethora of ranges available, and are ideal for those who go on major group excursions that would require travelling through various road conditions. For lighter trips, though, a standard family car might be the better option, and both Saloon and Estate models are aimed at comfortably containing all of the passengers, providing everybody with plenty of leg room, along with neat design elements and strong handling, all while remaining moderately-sized and somewhat easy on the eye.

These are the variety of body types that you will find for most cars, then, and we have finance deals to accommodate each of them, depending on which model you are most interested in. Check them out on our vehicle stock here.

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