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On our website, you may have noticed our car loan calculator. This is a hugely valuable tool for anybody who is considering buying a car, and as we will discuss, this could help to make your search for a new vehicle a lot easier. Not only will you discover what cars would be suited to your budget, but you will identify all of the main costs involved before you enter our online showroom.


When you head to our car loan calculator, you will be able to use a number of filters. These include your budgeted price (which could range from £5,000 to £130,000), your credit rating (the options for which range from Poor to Excellent), your feasible deposit amount (which includes zero, in correspondence with our previous articles on no deposit car finance, and then goes from £2,000 to £128,000) and your desired payment period (with the range here going from two years to seven years).

As you move these various filters along, you will notice several statistics changing in the Finance box that sits on the right-hand side of the page which would comprise a particular deal. These figures cover the number of monthly payments and how much they would cost, the weekly payment amounts, the total car price, the deposit amount, the balance to car finance, the length of the agreement term as a whole, the total payable amount required, the interest charges, the percentage of representative APR, and the fixed interest rate.

Once you have entered all of your information and once you have determined whether the figures under the Finance header are to your liking, you can then click the button that says Apply For Finance. From here, you can then check out all of the car finance plans that would match the criteria that you have set out for yourself. Depending on what figures you enter, there may be a large range of vehicles, or there may be a small number that would require you to modify your search. In any event, though, there will be a range of models available, and you will end up with the most suitable vehicle for your needs and your budget, thanks to the assistance provided by our online car loan calculator.

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