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No Deposit Deals On The BMW 5 Series


In this article, we are continuing our guide to the most noteworthy finance plans that we have for BMW ranges right now. We have already covered the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 Series in recent blogs, and today we are shining the spotlight on the BMW 5 Series. As ever, these are all […]

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No Deposit Deals On The BMW 4 Series


We recently covered the BMW 3 Series and our most eye-catching finance plans for that vehicle, but it is far from the only range where we have some cracking deals available. Indeed, we also have some superb options when it comes to the BMW 4 Series, and as with the 3 Series, not a single […]

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No Deposit Deals On The BMW 3 Series


Here at Rix Motors, we have always got a strong selection of big-name ranges available for car finance plans that are both affordable and fairly-priced, with the added bonus of there being no deposit required. This is particularly true for the BMW 3 Series, one of the more popular models offered by that manufacturer. In […]

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BMW Finance Deals at Rix


You can’t go wrong with a BMW car. As a matter of fact, BMW is one of the very best, and most globally-renowned, manufacturers on the market. Indeed, if you are looking for a high-performance, efficiently-operated and feature-packed vehicle, BMW has a whole range of options for you to consider. Here, we have noted a […]

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BMW 1 Series Finance No Deposit


We recently covered the subject of the BMW 1 Series range, and in particular we noted how it can be considered as both a sports car and a family car. Regardless of how you define it, though, it remains an excellent vehicle, and so you may wish to consider our finance deal options for the […]

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BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?


The BMW 1 Series has proven to be one of the more popular ranges for the German manufacturer, but it has been debated as to whether or not this would be considered a sports car or a family car, which could have an impact on its positioning within the market as it determines its primary […]

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BMW 1 Series On Finance


It is hard to believe that it has already been 15 years since BMW first introduced the 1 Series as a spiritual successor to the 3 Series Compact. It has become one of the leading ranges for the German manufacturing giant, and the third generation of the 1 Series has recently been announced. Before it […]

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No Deposit Cars For £99 Per Month


When arranging a finance plan with Rix Motors, if you go for either a Hire Purchase (HP) or a Personal Loan (PL), you will not have to pay a deposit as part of the purchase. This is a major incentive for many potential customers, and it also helps when the overall cost as a whole […]

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Car Finance Poor Credit


In a recent article, we discussed how you could potentially agree a car finance plan without the need for a credit check. This helps those who just want to save time, but it is generally considered more beneficial to those who have poor credit and do not want any problems. But is it feasible to […]

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BMW For Sale on Finance


If you’re thinking of buying a new car, then the top manufacturers will be in your mind first and foremost, and they don’t come much bigger or better than BMW. Indeed, BMW cars deliver class, prestige, excitement and relaxation all in one package, and there are a vast number of ranges that BMW provide, with […]

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BMW 4 Series For Sale


The BMW 4 Series is basically a two-door coupe version of the 3 Series,however there has been many subtle changes which justify’s the name change.The BMW 4 series offers three different model variations the being the Coupe the second being the Gran Coupe and finally a Convertible model.With the Coupe being a practical spacious family […]

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2016 BMW 1 Series For Sale


2016 BMW 1 Series BMW has released a new modern looking version of it’s 1 series.Minor subtle changes have been made on the interior and exterior,with new headlights front and back,new paint options and an upgraded infotainment system and wide screen Idrive display.Standard equipment across the new range includes the new L shape rear lights,the […]

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Why Choose a German Car?


Why Choose a German Car? German cars have been popular among the British for many years.Audi,BMW and Mercedes are names that everybody knows and loves.It is estimated that over half a million German cars were sold last year,which is more than most other company’s such as Jaguar and volvo.German cars are loved for the durable […]

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BMW M235I V M2


BMW M235i v M2 Since the release of the new BMW M2 people have been thinking is there still any love for the M235i.Both the M2 and the M235i both have the same 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the M235i goes from 0-62 in 4.8 seconds and the M2 goes from 0-60 in 4.3 seconds.Does that […]

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BMW 3 Series M Sport plus Package


BMW 3 SERIES M SPORT PLUS PACKAGE EXTRAS BMW launched a new option called the M Sport plus Package. This package offers upgrades on the 1,3 and 5 series BMW.Options include Xenon headlights, sun protection glass, Harman kardon sound system and exclusive to the BMW 3 Series new 19-inch M Sport alloy wheels. PRICING Prices […]

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4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3


4 reasons to buy a E92 M3. The E92 M3 is something of great joy, and it’s easy to see why it’s missed. Being the last of the natuarlly aspirated 4.0l V8 engine everyone loved the E92 M3. with it’s 8,250 rpm redline, rapid throttle response and great exhaust note. It also had responsive steering, some of the […]

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