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Cheap Car Finance Options


When it comes to car finance options, motorists will always be looking for the cheapest possible deals that are available, but it is about more than just picking a cheap motor. It makes sense to understand exactly why cheap car finance is both important and popular amongst drivers, as well as taking into account two […]

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Car Finance Brokers: Why do they offer better deals?


It can feel daunting at times to buy a car, especially when it is the first time that you are making such a purchase. Car Finance is an ideal way to purchase a vehicle, not least because it will save you money and because a car finance broker like Rix Motors (car finance specialist) would […]

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No Deposit Deals On The BMW 5 Series


In this article, we are continuing our guide to the most noteworthy finance plans that we have for BMW ranges right now. We have already covered the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 Series in recent blogs, and today we are shining the spotlight on the BMW 5 Series. As ever, these are all […]

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No Deposit Deals On The BMW 4 Series


We recently covered the BMW 3 Series and our most eye-catching finance plans for that vehicle, but it is far from the only range where we have some cracking deals available. Indeed, we also have some superb options when it comes to the BMW 4 Series, and as with the 3 Series, not a single […]

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Used Mercedes E-Class Finance


Officially, the Mercedes Benz E-Class range first saw the light of day in 1993, but its roots can be traced to the W120 series which was originally launched way back in 1953. Therefore, few modern vehicles have as long-standing a legacy as the E-Class, which has evolved with the times and the ever-changing climate of […]

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Used Mercedes A-Class Finance


The Mercedes A-Class vehicle has been on the market since 1997, and it has undergone numerous changes through its lifetime, with the fourth generation model having launched last year. In that time, the A-Class has built up a loyal following and is considered one of the best and most popular vehicles offered by the globally-renowned […]

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No Deposit Mercedes C-Class Finance


So, let’s say that you are thinking about buying a Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicle, and it has been mentioned to you that you could buy the car on a finance deal. You have read up on how a finance plan would work and you are ready to apply, but you are unsure as to what […]

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No Deposit Mercedes A-Class Finance


We recently covered some of our very best finance plans that we currently have available for the Mercedes Benz A-Class model here at Rix Motors, but what could be even better than that? Well, that would be the chance to buy such a vehicle with no deposit attached to the deal. Here, we will explain […]

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The Best Self-Parking Cars – Park Assist Technology


We have become so accustomed to technological advancements within the automotive industry that it is easy to take certain features for granted, partly because in some cases, only a set number of vehicles offer these nifty options. One of those would be Park Assist Technology, whereby your car does much of the work with regards […]

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Range Rover Velar For Sale


The Land Rover Range Rover Velar first went on sale in the UK in 2017 to expand the companies premium off-road range. It was released as a Mid-Range car to bridge the gap between the smaller Range Rover Evoque and the Larger Range Rover Sport. Although the Velar is the newest release from Land Rover […]

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What Is Pay As You Go Car Finance?


You may have come across the term Pay As You Go Car Finance in the past, and you may be confused. After all, it is generally stated that there are four main types of car finance: Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Personal Loan (PL) and Hire Purchase (HP). So, where does Pay […]

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Mercedes GLE For Sale


Mercedes GLE · Family Car – Good size, plenty of room, Large boot, very practical · M-Class rebranded to GLE in 2015 to compete with rivals BMW X5, AUDI Q7 · Standard GLE Body shape (2015-2019) New Generation GLE (2019+) GLE Coupe · New generation GLE 7 Seat available · first Mercedes SUV to offer […]

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Latest Nissan Finance Deals & Offers


The Japanese manufacturer Nissan produces a whole host of automobile ranges that have proven to be a hit with drivers around the United Kingdom. Here at Rix Motors, Nissan are one of the many brands which we work with to ensure the best possible car finance deals for our customers. In this article, we will […]

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SUV Deals: Major Savings On Land Rover Cars


The summer season is beginning to wind down, but there is still enough time to head out onto the road for adventurous journey before the climate and condition of the ground begin to shift. An SUV is the ideal style of motor to complete such a trek in, and in particular, Land Rover cars are […]

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BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?


The BMW 1 Series has proven to be one of the more popular ranges for the German manufacturer, but it has been debated as to whether or not this would be considered a sports car or a family car, which could have an impact on its positioning within the market as it determines its primary […]

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Top Family Cars To Make You Upgrade From Hatchback To SUV


Here at Rix Motors, we have got some first-class family cars that provide a great platform for you to upgrade from your existing hatchback vehicle to a brand new SUV model, so you don’t have to worry about space when you install a baby car seat as your family grows. In this article, we have […]

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