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Range Rover Velar For Sale


The Land Rover Range Rover Velar first went on sale in the UK in 2017 to expand the companies premium off-road range. It was released as a Mid-Range car to bridge the gap between the smaller Range Rover Evoque and the Larger Range Rover Sport. Although the Velar is the newest release from Land Rover […]

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What Is Pay As You Go Car Finance?


You may have come across the term Pay As You Go Car Finance in the past, and you may be confused. After all, it is generally stated that there are four main types of car finance: Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Personal Loan (PL) and Hire Purchase (HP). So, where does Pay […]

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Mercedes GLE For Sale


Mercedes GLE · Family Car – Good size, plenty of room, Large boot, very practical · M-Class rebranded to GLE in 2015 to compete with rivals BMW X5, AUDI Q7 · Standard GLE Body shape (2015-2019) New Generation GLE (2019+) GLE Coupe · New generation GLE 7 Seat available · first Mercedes SUV to offer […]

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Latest Nissan Finance Deals & Offers


The Japanese manufacturer Nissan produces a whole host of automobile ranges that have proven to be a hit with drivers around the United Kingdom. Here at Rix Motors, Nissan are one of the many brands which we work with to ensure the best possible car finance deals for our customers. In this article, we will […]

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SUV Deals: Major Savings On Land Rover Cars


The summer season is beginning to wind down, but there is still enough time to head out onto the road for adventurous journey before the climate and condition of the ground begin to shift. An SUV is the ideal style of motor to complete such a trek in, and in particular, Land Rover cars are […]

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BMW 1 Series: Sports Car Or Family Car?


The BMW 1 Series has proven to be one of the more popular ranges for the German manufacturer, but it has been debated as to whether or not this would be considered a sports car or a family car, which could have an impact on its positioning within the market as it determines its primary […]

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Top Family Cars To Make You Upgrade From Hatchback To SUV


Here at Rix Motors, we have got some first-class family cars that provide a great platform for you to upgrade from your existing hatchback vehicle to a brand new SUV model. In this article, we have picked out a few of the very best for you to check out. To start off, then, we have […]

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Audi Q7 On Finance


Audi introduced its Q7 SUV model back in 2005. Though the range received a facelift back in 2010, its second generation officially began in 2015. As we write this, the Q7 is considered a real success for the manufacturer, and no doubt work has already gone into developing enhancements for the Q7 to benefit future […]

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Cars On Finance With No Deposit


We recently covered why car finance is the best way to go when buying a vehicle for numerous reasons. One particularly important version of a car finance deal that you may wish to think about is looking at those which don’t require a deposit payment, because this will represent an even greater saving for you […]

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Car Finance Poor Credit


In a recent article, we discussed how you could potentially agree a car finance plan without the need for a credit check. This helps those who just want to save time, but it is generally considered more beneficial to those who have poor credit and do not want any problems. But is it feasible to […]

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Car Finance No Credit Check


One of the most important processes that occurs when a car finance plan is agreed upon is to undergo a credit check on the would-be driver. But what if this didn’t happen? What if a credit check didn’t take place? Would it prevent the motorist from purchasing a vehicle? Not at all: car finance can […]

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Car Finance Interest Free


A lot of important factors need to be considered before you sign up to a car finance plan. One of those is, of course, the financial aspect, and how much the vehicle is going to cost you. And we don’t just mean the monthly amount, and we also don’t just mean any required deposit prior […]

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Car Finance Specialist


Rix Motors are one of the leading providers of car finance in the United Kingdom; we are considered to be a true car finance specialist by our customers, and we will now explain why this is the case in further detail. First of all, we have a huge range of cars on finance in stock, […]

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Top 5 Family Cars


TOP 5 FAMILY CARS Honda Civic The Honda Civic is a very different kind of hatchback,which is a good thing.With it’s cleverly packaged rear seats,great capacity boot and modern styling it has a different look to most hatchbacks.With the great looks and space the Civic is also very efficient,with it’s 1.6 litre diesel engine it […]

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