Cheap Car Finance Deals With No Deposit

Cheap Car Finance Deals With No Deposit

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In a recent article, we discussed the main benefits of applying for a no deposit car finance deal. Rix Motors have got a whole host of great plans at a low price for vehicles that do not require an advance deposit payment. In today’s blog, we will be spotlighting a few of the best, cheapest no deposit car finance deals that we have on offer for motorists.


First on our list is the Nissan Qashqai. We have put this as cheap since you will never find a quality Qashqai this cheap. It is a 2012 registration model of this popular Nissan range, one that comes in a grey bodywork that adds to its large-scale appearance and feeling of elevated power and control. The car has driven up 42,000 miles, making it a very experienced vehicle that can get you through the long cross-country drives over the summer season. This hatchback car runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be bought for only £46 per week, meaning £184 per month and a total cost of £10,999.


Secondly, we come to a vehicle that is smaller in size but no less a force on the road: the BMW Z4. This version of the sleek, sporty Z4 series is a 2008 registration motor, and the laid-back vibes are enhanced by the red bodywork. The convertible car is also very accustomed to the road, with a mileage to date of around 75,000. This vehicle runs on petrol with manual transmission, and it is available right now for as little as £31 per week, which equates to £124 per month, and £7,499 in total.


Finally, we come to one of the very cheapest no deposit car finance plans that you could possibly find anywhere in the country. We’re talking about the Citroen C3, and in particular, a 2010 registration version vehicle that has a black bodywork. This is a sleek, compact motor that has driven up 50,000 miles over the past nine years. Like the Nissan Qashqai listed above, this is also a hatchback car, but just like the aforementioned BMW Z4, it runs on petrol with manual transmission. The most eye-catching aspect of this deal is undoubtedly the cost, because it is on the market for just £17 per week, resulting in £68 per month and £3,999 overall, which represents truly outstanding value, and the best example of a cheap, no deposit car finance deal for a vehicle of the highest quality.

So, these are just some of the top Cheap Car Finance Deals With No Deposit at Rix Motors.
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