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City cars are always a firm favourite for motorists, which means that we will always have a great selection of finance plans for a multitude of city car ranges here at Rix Motors. Today, we are spotlighting the best city cars that we have amongst our stock today, in line with the trends of the market as we write this article in spring 2019.


To begin with, we have the Jaguar XF on finance. This is a very sleek and smooth car, one that manages to emit coolness and elegance while also representing a straight-forward driving package for the typical motorist. In this case, the XF in question is a 2014 registration vehicle, which has only driven up 11,000 miles to date, and it comes in a firm silver bodywork. The saloon model runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it can be bought today for £75 per week, or for a total cost of £17,999.


Next up, we have got the Skoda Octavia on finance. This has a slightly larger front exterior, but it makes up for this with the increased space that makes it a true family vehicle. It’s a 2015 registration car that has a clean white bodywork, and the hatchback model has only driven up 16,000 miles so far. This also runs on diesel power, but it comes with semi-automatic transmission instead. And it represents a cheaper alternative, given that the weekly price is £58, and that purchasing it in one go would be £13,999.


If you really want to keep the cost down, though, then why not opt for a Toyota Yaris? It’s an older vehicle, as it is a 2006 registration motor, and as with our first example, it has a silver bodywork that emits power and control. Despite its 13 years on the road, its mileage is only 59,000, and the hatchback car runs on petrol with manual transmission. But as noted, the most appealing part about this city car is definitely the price, because it comes in at just £15 per week, with a total cost of only £3,499, representing tremendous value.

So, as you can see, we have some excellent deals for city cars that remain key players in the modern automotive generation.

To view our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

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