Consider a used 4×4 this winter

Consider a used 4×4 this winter

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At Rix Motor Company we have a fantastic range of prestige used cars available, but as we settle into the winter months, we thought we would give some focus to the used four wheel drives we have on offer. If you’ve not yet considered buying a used 4×4, here are some great reason to purchase one from us: 

All-wheel drive and extra traction

4x4s are so named because the engine powers all four of the wheels, making it a much more sturdy drive. This combined with the extra traction provided by the wider tyres makes driving over tricky terrain, snow, ice or through flooded roads, easier to manage. It is a particularly good choice in Britain, where we are unsure of the weather that will be bestowed upon us; a used 4×4 will ensure you are prepared. 

Combination of sport and luxury

Long gone is the vision of a green 4×4 with rust as a trim! With the likes of the Range Rover Evoque you can combine style, sport and luxury along with all the other advantages of a 4×4 – no wonder it is such a popular car.

Depreciation is slower than a 4×2

Rix Motor Company offer the greatest deals and flexible finance packages on used 4x4s in Warrington, Cheshire, so it’s worth taking a look now. The added bonus to the great value deals that we offer is that over time, depreciation will be slower than with a 4X2, so you will get more for your money in more ways than one.

High driving position

Driving in the elevated position of a used 4×4 is simply the number one reason for choosing this type of vehicle for some people. The height gives you more road presence, makes you feel less vulnerable and is more comfortable to drive.

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