No Deposit Deals On The BMW 5 Series

No Deposit Deals On The BMW 5 Series

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In this article, we are continuing our guide to the most noteworthy finance plans that we have for BMW ranges right now. We have already covered the BMW 3 Series and the BMW 4 Series in recent blogs, and today we are shining the spotlight on the BMW 5 Series. As ever, these are all finance deals that do not require a deposit payment, meaning that you are making a great saving on all of these models. Here are three of the best that are available as we speak.


Kicking us off is our most recent model and one that is nearly new, that being a 2018 registration incarnation of the BMW 5 Series. The car only has 14,000 miles on the clock so far, and the saloon model comes in a smooth grey bodywork. The motor runs on petrol with automatic transmission, and considering that this particular vehicle is still very much fresh to the road, the price is one that is well worth considering: it can be bought today for £100 per week, which equates to £400 per month or £23,999 in total.


The second car we have highlighted is a bit older, but it is more than made up for by the overall price being brought down significantly. The model that we are talking about is a 2012 registration car from the BMW 5 Series which has around double the mileage of our first example with 57,000, and this saloon car also boasts a cool alpine white exterior as its colour. The motor runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and the financial saving comes into play with its cost being £58 per week, £232 per month or £13,999 as a one-off purchase.


To round us off, we come to an excellent BMW 5 Series model that is even cheaper than our first two examples. The car in question is a 2016 registration car, meaning that it is more recent than the second vehicle we spotlighted, and it too boasts a grey bodywork. The saloon model has a higher mileage of around 47,000, and again it runs on diesel power with automatic transmission. If you wish to purchase this particular version of the BMW 5 Series, it will cost you just £75 per week, which means £300 per month or £17,999 if you want to buy the car outright. Of course, these merely represent three of our abundance of first class no deposit finance plans for the BMW 5 Series.

As is always the case, however, we have got a whole host of no deposit finance plans for the BMW 5 Series on our stock page, which you can check out by going on the car search menu option above.

These are just a few plans for the BMW 4 Series range. When you’re ready for your next purchase, contact our Cheshire based team who will happily assist you with our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

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