4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3

4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3

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4 reasons to buy a E92 M3.

The E92 M3 is something of great joy, and it’s easy to see why it’s missed. Being the last of the natuarlly aspirated 4.0l V8 engine everyone loved the E92 M3. with it’s 8,250 rpm redline, rapid throttle response and great exhaust note. It also had responsive steering, some of the old-school kind enthusiasts miss so dearly. The chassis was wonderful, so easily controllable and could easily be positionied into beautiful drifts.


Most cars these days do not hold value they seem to all depreciate massivly. However due to the love and demand for the E92 BMW M3,this car is turning out to be a highly desired classic. As the last naturally aspirated M3 and the only V8, the E92 could very well rise in value dramatically in the future. In a short while all of the natuarlly aspirated engines will dissapear and this M3 will be a great for all collectors.


The E92 M3 may not have been the fastest, however this M3 was in it’s own league with the big 4.0l V8 engine and a great chasis it was completely different to any other M3. People claim that the E92 has some of the best steering of any M3, however this comes down to driver preference. Even though the the M3 was unique it could still lay down a stunning 0-60mph time of just 3.9 seconds.


There is nothing like the sound of the 4.0l V8 roar that emits from the 4 exhaust pipes. The sound of this car is like no other car on the market at this price range. The roar from that V8 engine will put a smile on your face every time your drive it especially with the roof down.


Sometimes owning a certain car can be a joy of its own. However knowing that this M3 is the last of its kind in so many way’s and is so unique. This make the ownership experience that much better. While it’s rarity means that the E92 will rise in value it is also a great invesment for the owner.

4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3
4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3
4 reasons to buy BMW E92 M3

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