Where can I buy my car from once accepted for finance?

When a car is financed we all enter into an agreement. For this to be legally bound we must supply the vehicle as it must meet certain standards i.e HPI clear, have a multipoint inspection, full MOT etc. If you can’t find what you want on our website please get in touch and we will locate and supply your perfect car!

I am on benefits/disability allowance, can I apply for finance?

We can provide finance for your vehicle, provided you have a credit rating from at least Average to Good.

I am a self employed electrician and have been for a few years. Will I get accepted for finance?

Many of our lenders will approve customers who are self employed. All we may need is some proof of income i.e bank statements/contract invoices.

I have an Audi at the moment with outstanding finance on it. Can I still change my car and if so will there be any financial penalties incurred?

Hello there. It is very common for customers to change their car before their existing agreement finishes. There will be NO penalties or charges for changing your car. Also, don’t worry about your current finance company, we will take car of everything with them once you take delivery of your new car. Leave everything to us and enjoy your car! For a quote please click here and lets get the call rolling!

I am not on the electoral roll. Can I still apply for finance?

Good question! There are many factors within a credit profile that can determine a finance acceptance. It isn’t mandatory to be on the electoral roll to get approved.

I only have a provisional driving licence. Can I still apply?

We work closely with different finance companies that are able to provide finance to someone with a provisional licence.

I don’t have a deposit. Will this stop me getting approved for finance?

Thank you for your question. It will not stop you getting approved, but a deposit will reduce the repayments and increase the strength of your application.