Car Finance Deals Under £100 Per Month

Car Finance Deals Under £100 Per Month

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Here at Rix Motors, you will always be making a great saving on any car finance plan, but it becomes even more noticeable when you recognise that you are paying double figures on a monthly basis. Having your car finance deal sit at below £100 a month is a real positive, though of course you will still require a top-quality vehicle to match the reduced cost. Today, we’re spotlighting a number of our very best cars on finance that are under £100 per month.

Firstly, there is the Toyota Yaris. This has always been a popular car amongst motorists, and in this case you will be getting the model at the lowest possible price. In this scenario, the Toyota Yaris on Finance is a 2006 registration vehicle, running on petrol with manual transmission. This hatchback car comes in a bright red bodywork, and it has racked up a ton of time on the road, with a mileage to date of 59,000. If you wish to purchase this particular motor, the weekly cost is £21 per week, or £84 per month.

Secondly, we will be focusing on a more recent vehicle. It is a 2013 registration car from the Vauxhall Corsa series, and this hatchback vehicle comes in an intimidating black bodywork, adding to the feeling of power that it boasts on the road. It runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it has already clocked up 103,000 miles during its six years on the road so far. The best part about this car is undoubtedly the price, though, as it can be bought for only £19 per week, meaning £76 per month.

Lastly, though, we come to our most cost-efficient vehicle of all, one that sits way below the aforementioned threshold of £100 per month. The car in question is a 2007 registration version of the Ford Fiesta, and as with our previous example, it has a black bodywork for its exterior. Once again, it is a hatchback vehicle, and it also runs on petrol with manual transmission, though its overall mileage so far comes in at 40,000. The price is the draw, though: this vehicle can be yours today for just £15 per week, which is only £60 per month! This is truly outstanding value, and one of the very best car finance deals that you will find anywhere for any vehicle.

These are a couple of our very best car finance deals that sit below £100 per month, and you can check them all out on our stock page. Apply today for a No obligation quote, Want to know more? Call us on 01925 230360.

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