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There will always be a high demand for vans. The sturdier, more spacious vehicles are capable of storing plenty of materials required for either daily life or for business trips. Here at Rix Motors, we are listening to van-lovers across the region and beyond, though some may still be on the fence as to whether a van is worth a purchase. In this article, we will answer those queries, as well as picking out one particularly noteworthy finance deal for a van.

So, we have mentioned why a van is perhaps most suited for a particular driver, but let’s delve more now into those positives. A van is a stronger vehicle than a typical car, whether it be an old-fashioned model that bumps somewhat across trickier road conditions, or whether it is a more modern SUV-style motor. Vans also offer a lot more space, which is ideal for families who are travelling longer distances, as well as being beneficial for the likes of car mechanics, window cleaners or electricians; people who need to bring a whole host of tools with them for their jobs, and in an environment where they have to place these objects in such a manner that maintaining the cleanliness of the back area of the car might prove challenging and is thus easier to overlook.

But what about those who may prefer a sleeker model of car? It ultimately comes down to what the driver actually needs and wants. A van fits the mould of a vehicle which delivers the required high standard of performance, reliability and safety. Yes, some of the newer vans come equipped with a whole host of nifty features, but generally speaking, efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to a van. As mentioned above, many families are now looking for cars with generous space and some of the highly sort out makes have been Hyundai i800, Mercedes v class, VW Caravelle, ford tourneo custom, land rover defender, Peugeot Expert Tepee all on van finance deals. Of all the van-based vehicles listed here, the Mercedes V-Class is the one which translates best into a people mover. It may still look big and boxy on the outside, but the hard work has taken place inside, where the cabin has transformed into a classy yet very spacious eight-seater. If you want your car to be standing out from the crowd, getting likes on social media and having a feature set to match a high-tech computer, then maybe a van is not what you are looking for, but if you want your vehicle to get you from one place to another effectively, and with you not having to pay a huge amount for its purchase, then a van is as good an option as any vehicles on the market right now.

Now let us mention one of our most eye-catching finance deals at present for a van. It is for a 2013 registration model from the much-lauded Peugeot Bipper series. This is almost a stereotypical panel van with a white bodywork that allows it to resemble any van you would conjure up in your mind, but with high-quality performance, evidenced by its mileage over the past seven years of 80,000. This van runs on diesel power with manual transmission, but it is the price that should grab your attention: it can be bought for as little as £17 per week, which means £68 per month or £3,999 as a whole, all of which makes this one of our very best finance plans for any vehicle, never mind merely a van.

As is always the case, if you want to find out more about vans and our finance deals for vans, contact our Cheshire based team who will happily assist you with our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

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