Financing for new cars on the rise

Financing for new cars on the rise

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At Rix Motor Company, we pride ourselves not only on our standing as a highly reputable car dealer, but also on our ability to provide car finance to fit customers’ varying budgets and needs. Here we examine how financing on both new and used cars has gone through the roof during recent times, and where Rix Motor Company fits into the picture.

2014 was a very interesting year for car finance, and more specifically, used car finance. While plans on new cars shot up 13%, this was surpassed by extraordinary growth in the used car finance market. No less than a 14% increase in plans led to an all-time high figure of 1.05 million, and 2015 is set to experience similar growth. As vehicle finance specialists, we have certainly noticed this trend, and have been providing many more customers with fantastic finance rates. These packages are extremely flexible, and allow customers to structure their payment plan to suit their situation; some may pay more in advance or deal with the largest sums towards the end of the plan.

The prospect of owning a brand new car is certainly an exciting one, but for many, paying the full amount up front before speeding off in their shiny new acquisition is simply not possible. However, when it comes to used cars for sale in Warrington and across the North West, the tailored packages offered by us remove this problem altogether.

There is no reason why anyone should wait to own their perfect car, and the value of finance packages such as ours is evident in the significant car finance growth detailed above. There just isn’t as much money lying around as there used to be, and those seeking out quality used cars for sale in Warrington can simply come and pay us a visit.

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