Ford Fiesta Deals For 2020

Ford Fiesta Deals For 2020

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With the new year and the new decade set to begin imminently, those who are seeking to purchase what will either be their first car or their next vehicle will be hoping to have a model lined up as soon as possible, while at the same time hoping to benefit from some of the many fantastic car finance deals that Rix Motors have available. In this mini-series of articles, we will be spotlighting the best-selling vehicles from 2019, as well as explaining the best finance offers that we have currently got for anyone wishing to begin 2020 by buying a brand new motor. In this blog, we are taking a closer look at the Ford Fiesta.

An Overview of the Ford Fiesta

It was another great twelve months for the Ford Fiesta, a series that first came to life back in 1976. Over the past 44 years, the Fiesta have carved out a special place in the hearts of motorists across the United Kingdom and beyond, primarily because it focuses on the core requirements that make for an efficient car and an exceptional driving experience. It is perfectly suited for new drivers, as well as easily getting established drivers from A to B, and the model also allows those wishing to keep their costs down to still own a fantastic vehicle that remains, after all this time, amongst the most popular cars on the market.

Indeed, the Ford Fiesta was the best-selling British car in 2019, with almost 70,000 registrations made on new Fiesta vehicles. This does not include those who have extended their existing Fiesta deals, as well as switching over to second-hand models. It also does not include non-UK sales, with North American drivers in particular being able to purchase the current seventh-generation Fiesta for the first time (the previous-gen Fiesta only halted production in the United States this year, whereas the latest model was made available in the UK back in 2017). On the whole, then, it’s safe to say that the Ford Fiesta has enjoyed a great end to the decade, meaning that 2020 would be a great time for any motorists reading to purchase such a model for themselves, and below we have detailed some of our top offers which do not require any payments whatsoever until the new year officially begins.

Current Ford Fiesta finance deals

The first of these is for a 2017 registration Fiesta car, meaning that it is one of the early incarnations from the seventh generation of the Fiesta’s long and illustrious lineage. The car has a clear black bodywork, and it has a mileage to date of just 9,000, which is quite low when you consider that it has been more than two years since the vehicle left the production line. The car runs on diesel power with manual transmission, and it is ideal for anyone who wants to add a Fiesta to their collection for the first time, not least because of the price: this vehicle costs only £46 per week, which equates to approximately £184 per month, and a total price of £10,999 if you wished to buy the car in one go.


If you would be looking for an alternative that has a lower overall cost, though, then we direct you to our finance plan for a 2013 registration Fiesta that comes from the sixth generation of the range. The vehicle has a colourful blue bodywork, and the hatchback car has racked up around 35,000 miles in its time so far on the road. Unlike our first example, this particular model runs on petrol with manual transmission, and the value of the vehicle means that the driver would be making a significant overall saving: if you were to buy this car, the weekly cost would be £42, while the monthly price would be £168, and to make a complete purchase of this vehicle would come in at approximately £9,999 with our no deposit finance.


The final finance plan that we want to mention here is the most cost-effective deal that we have right now for the Ford Fiesta, and it pertains to a 2009 registration iteration from the very early days of the range’s sixth generation. This would be almost classed as a vintage version of the Fiesta at this stage, and the hatchback model has certainly enjoyed its fair share of time on the road, as evidenced by the vehicle having clocked up around 67,000 miles in the ten years or so since it was first released to the general public. It has a red bodywork which gives it an eye-catching feel on the road, and the vehicle also runs on petrol with manual transmission. To buy this vehicle just in time for 2020 will ensure that you make a tremendous saving and that you will begin your decade of driving in style: this car would only cost you a paltry £16 per week, which translates to paying £64 per month, and paying a total price of just £3,799, making this one of the absolute best car finance deals that you will find across our entire stock.

As we have mentioned, the Ford Fiesta has always enjoyed tremendous popularity and high industry acclaim, meaning that there will always be plenty of drivers seeking to purchase a Fiesta, whether it be their very first edition from the long-running series, or if it is a case of the driver continuing their link with this classic British range. Right now, though, it is as good a time as ever to buy a Fiesta model, given that it was the top-selling UK vehicle in 2019, and as we have demonstrated, there are so many first-class finance deals available that will allow motorists to save a lot of money while joining the Ford Fiesta driving community.

The deals above are just some of our options for anyone wishing to buy a Ford Fiesta, and you can check them all out by going to our stock page here,

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