Ford Focus Deals For 2020

Ford Focus Deals For 2020

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With the new year and the new decade set to begin imminently, those who are seeking to purchase what will either be their first car or their next vehicle will be hoping to have a model lined up as soon as possible, while at the same time hoping to benefit from some of the many fantastic car finance deals that Rix Motors have available. In this mini-series of articles, we will be spotlighting the best-selling vehicles from 2019, as well as explaining the best finance offers that we have currently got for anyone wishing to begin 2020 by buying a brand new motor. In this blog, we turn our attention to the Ford Focus.

Ford Focus: An Overview

The Ford Focus is over twenty years old, having been launched back in 1998, but it feels like we are in the midst of a peak period for the Focus series. This is partly because we are still in the early stages of a new era for the Focus, with the fourth generation model having been released to the masses last year, along with a Focus ST update which was launched earlier this year. Part of the reason for the appeal of the Focus concerns its wealth of safety features: as well as receiving a perfect five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, the vehicle boasts adaptive cruise control, lane centring technology, a wrong way alert, a 180-degree rear view camera and door edge protection, along with other key elements which ensure that both the vehicle and the driver, along with any passengers, are kept safe at all times.

Another benefit of the Focus for car-lovers across the UK concerns the wide variety of model styles for the current version. On a basic level, the Focus has been produced in five-door hatchback, four-door sedan and five-door wagon forms, as well as providing motorists with a choice of four powertrains, and also international variations that span continents, with the UK and Australia being particular hot-spots for the model. For those who enjoy building large collections of vehicles and vintage models, the Focus’ variations of builds will have great long-term value, especially since we are still only 18 months on from the fourth-gen Focus being brought to the market.

These are just some of the reasons why the Ford Focus has been able to continue its success, and to reach new heights from a sales standpoint in the current fourth generation of its life cycle. In 2019, the Focus achieved more than 49,500 registrations for brand new models in the UK, along with the many more sales factored in when considering second-hand models and renewals of existing car finance agreements. This places the Ford Focus at third on the annual list for British car registration figures, and as noted, it feels like the Focus is going to have an even greater impact in the years to come, which means that, one year from now, we may be talking about the Focus as having led the 2020 list for vehicle sales.

Current Ford Focus Finance Deals

Based on this information, anyone reading who wishes to buy a car in the near future would be wise to strongly consider purchasing a Ford Focus, and fortunately for those who are thinking about buying a Focus model in the near future, we have got plenty of first-class finance plans available for this increasingly-popular series. One of those is for a 2016 registration model, which sports a bright canary yellow bodywork. This is a hatchback vehicle that has 16,000 miles driven up over the past three years, and it runs on petrol with manual transmission. The car is available to buy from our team here at Rix Motors for a weekly cost of £79 per week, a monthly value of £316 per month, or a total price of £18,999.


Another of our best deals right now is for a 2017 registration vehicle, which is one of the more recent Ford Focus models that we have available at present. It is in a black bodywork, and this hatchback variation only has a mileage of 12,000 as of this writing. The car also runs on petrol with manual transmission, and its value makes the car a deal well worth checking out: this Ford Focus model can be bought for £56 per week, which equates to £224 per month, and also a one-off purchase of £13,499.


From a pricing standpoint, our best deal available for the Ford Focus is for a 2010 registration vehicle, making this a car from the latter days of the second generation (the second gen ran from 2004 to 2011). Once again, this is a hatchback motor, though it comes in a colourful blue bodywork, and it has built up a large mileage to date of approximately 86,000. Once more, it runs on petrol with manual transmission, and the car can be purchased for only £33 per week, which means a monthly price of £132, and an overall cost of just £7,999.


These are just some of the great finance plans that we have got for the Ford Focus, but pricing is not the only reason why you should consider buying this vehicle. Its combination of versatility, safety, innovation and reliability make it an ideal overall package for drivers new and old, and the affordability of its finance plans only add to the appeal of the car. With sales in the 50,000 region for 2019 alone, the future is as bright as ever for the Focus, and with other updates planned as the fourth generation goes on, the Focus will enjoy further success in the years to come, making 2020 an ideal time to start driving a Focus vehicle; therefore, our deals should grab your attention as you can enter the new year with a Focus in your collection.

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