Gary Anderson: I want another dutch of class

Gary Anderson: I want another dutch of class

Blog / Gary Anderson: I want another dutch of class


GARY ANDERSON plays Adrian Lewis in the Premier League tonight in Rotterdam – here’s his exclusive views on the game:

“I might have qualified but you need to keep winning. Confidence, momentum, consistency is everything in this sport now. You have to keep going.

That’s why I have to beat Adrian. I need to lay down a marker to all the other finalists and show that I’m on my game. There’s no let up from me.

It’s also going to be an incredible occasion with 10,000 fans for our first Premier League in Rotterdam – you can’t help but play out of your skin for that sort of crowd.

If you can’t be motivated for that, then you’re either stupid or dead. The place will be bouncing.

Not forgetting I’ll no hear the end of it for the next six months if Adrian beats me. It’s a cut-throat business, no friends on stage believe me.

But I’m looking for ward to getting back to Holland. That was huge for me back in 2007 and beating Phil there.

I’d never played Phil before and I was a cocky so-and-so and I was lucky enough to win. It’s no secret that’s why I came across to the PDC to play Phil again and it’s been the best experience ever to play the great man.

He’s the best guy to ever walk on a darts stage and always will be.

It’s a long hard road. It’s the top 10 players in the world. It’s one stage at a time – top eight, top four. I got nervous last week because I needed to get over the line.

But the last 14 weeks or so everyone has been concentrating and talking about Michael and Phil, I’m happy with that.

Sky are concentrating on them two. But it will come down to one night at the O2, we all start equal again and I like that, that’s my sort of territory. It will be Michael or Phil in semi-finals and I’ll be buzzing to play either of them.

I don’t care who I play. I’ve got to beat two players to win it, end of. Last year I wanted to play Michael, this year I don’t care. Anytime I play Michael it puts a smile on my face.

I’m also happy to finish third in the league table. I finished there in 2011 and 2015 when I went onto win the win the final. Let’s hope there’s deja vu.”

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