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At Rix Motors, we have a true plethora of fantastic car finance plans, but if you happen to have a larger budget and are able to consider buying a flashier model, we do have some exceptional finance deals when it comes to luxury cars. We’ve decided to pick out a few of the best and to discuss them in today’s article.


Let’s begin with BMW, a car manufacturer that is known all over the world and has been for decades. As such, the brand screams “luxury”, making this an ideal option to consider. In this case, we’ve picked out the BMW 4 Series, which comes in a sporty, colourful red bodywork. It’s a 2016 registration model, and this convertible vehicle has racked up 26,000 miles in its lifespan so far. Running on diesel power with automatic transmission, this luxury car can be bought today for only £108 per week, or £25,999 if you would prefer to buy it in one go.


Next up, we come to another manufacturer that embodies prestige and class, that being Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle that we have specifically decided to highlight is a 2015 registration version of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, one of the company’s more popular ranges of this current generation. This is a white estate car, and it has only clocked up 35,000 miles, meaning that it is far from meeting its peak. Again, this vehicle runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and though it is a luxury car, the price is a very respectable £96 per week, or £22,999 in total.


Finally, there is the Bentley, yet another brand that you will find to be considered true luxury on a global scale. It’s the sort of name that you will see on the driveways of just about anybody who has a large income, and in this case we’ve got a cracking deal for the classic car that is the Bentley Continental. This coupe car comes in a smooth blue bodywork, and it’s a 2008 registration motor with a mileage to date of 60,000. It operates on petrol with automatic transmission, and it can be bought today for £154 per week, or if you want to buy it outright, the cost is £36,999.

But these are just a selection of our top-drawer luxury car finance plans, and you can check out the full range by visiting our stock page. 

To view our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

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