How often should you change your car?

How often should you change your car?

Blog / How often should you change your car?


This is one of those questions that can be answered in a number of ways, the simplest being: as often as you like or can afford to! Some people do change their car every year, but for most of us it’s more likely to be around every four years – give or take a few months. If you are thinking of changing your car, be sure to check out our range of quality used cars at Rix Motor Company. In the meantime, here are a few pointers to consider:

Check your mileage

A car with over 100,000 miles on the clock is going to start costing more to run each year. There are exceptions, of course, and much will depend on how the car has been maintained and the kind of driving you do, but when you hit 100,000 miles it’s usually time to think of a change.

How old is your car?

It goes without saying that the older your car is, the less it’s worth – but that’s not the whole story. A new car can depreciate in value by around 40% in its first year, so you could take a hit if you’re looking to sell yours in the first year. On the other hand, by the time your car is five years’ old depreciation is negligible, and after eight years it tapers off altogether.

How well do you look after your investment?

It may seem obvious, but when you buy a car it makes sense to look after your investment by adhering to the manufacturer’s service schedule, driving with care, and also keeping an eye on the market to see what cars are selling for. Like any sector, the car market can be affected by a whole range of factors such as rising or falling fuel prices, tax changes, and new makes and models becoming available. Striking when the iron’s hot can be more important that simply waiting until your existing car reaches a particular age or mileage milestone!

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