Phil Taylor: Robbie said no to new tune

Phil Taylor: Robbie said no to new tune

Blog / Phil Taylor: Robbie said no to new tune


PHIL TAYLOR has revealed that Robbie Williams REFUSED to write him a new walk-on tune.

The 16-times world champ asked the ex-Take That star to pen him a new track after getting bored with his signature theme I’ve Got The Power by Snap!

But Williams told his Stoke arrows buddy “no way” because he wouldn’t have been able to top the dance track that has become synonymous with the oche icon for 25 years.

Taylor, who bids for his seventh Premier League title at the O2 tomorrow night (Thurs), revealed: “I had got a bit bored of I’ve Got The Power.

“I must have heard that a million times now every time I had walked on. I wake up in the middle of the night and hear it – it almost makes me start sleep walk-on!

“But you know me I’m always thinking about reinventing myself, trying something different, trying to better everything I do. That’s what has kept me going for so many years.

“So I just asked Robbie whether he would write me something new. He’s written some amazing anthems in his time like Angels and Let Me Entertain You. I thought he might do me something amazing like that.

“How good would it have been to have an exclusively written walk-on by a legend like Robbie. But he said no – he couldn’t better The Power!

“Robbie said it was just part of the game now and he didn’t want to change that.”

Taylor knows he will have to be at full power tomorrow night when he faces defending Premier League champ and current World Champion Gary Anderson in the second semi-final.

Despite narrowly missing out on the league top spot to Michael van Gerwen in Rotterdam last week, Taylor knows that winning the final is more important.

He added: “This is what it is all about, one night and we all start equal again. I just wanted to get through to the O2 after missing out a year ago.

“I was gutted last year after not making the semi-finals for the first time in my career. I had to go out that night and keep as far away from the TV as possible.

“But I loved the fact that everyone said that meant I was finished. The pundits came out with their usual rubbish and started to write me off. How many times have they done that?

“It was very inspirational. I went back to the drawing board as I always do and came back better. Now I believe I’m in great shape for the O2.

“I just have to play well in both matches. There is no game plan for Gary. I just need to play at my 100 per cent.

“I’ve probably not been at my very best for the last fortnight of the Premier League. But I’m saving that for the O2. I’ll be up for it make no mistake about that.”

Taylor also knows that victory at the O2 will be another huge statement towards him making a bid for a 17th world title later this year.

He added: “Listen Michael is phenomenal right now and it will take a great performance to beat him. But he can be beaten.

“He has really been a fantastic inspiration. Michael makes me work harder, gives me even more motivation. He has been setting the bar higher and that’s incredible for the game.

“I’m not going to get involved with who is the greatest ever. Does the amount of title wins or current form decide that. I don’t care I just like a challenge and Michael is just that. I cannot wait.”

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