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The Range Rover Evoque was launched in 2011 and has not evolved much since. The Evoque is one of the most successful model’s that from Range Rover. It is cheaper than the usual Vouge or Sport however it is still stylish and full of modern tech. The competitors of the Evoque being the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1 the Evoque has a better appearance and is more modern. With the Entry price of the Evoque being £30,000 which is reasonable for what you get the price can soon add up to over £50,000 for an top spec autobiography.

The more modern Evoque comes standard with a 2.0l 148BHP diesel engine, which is better than than the first generation 2.2l engine. Whilst the new 2.0l engine is more efficient it is also quieter which improves the ride of the car. The 2.0l states that the MPG is 65.7 compared to the 2.2l being 49.6 that is a massive improvement. Also the Evoque is available in auto and manual depending on the drivers preference. The interior of the Evoque has not changed much over the years, with a great user friendly infotainment system the screen sits well in the middle of the dash and gives the interior a simple and stylish look. Optional extras that can be added to the interior include the panoramic roof,privacy glass and a heated steering wheel do add up, however you do get heated leather seats and dual climate control as standard.

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