Stepping up to the oche when financing your car

Stepping up to the oche when financing your car

Blog / Stepping up to the oche when financing your car


As the proud sponsors of three of the world’s top professional darts players (of whom more later), we were watching recently when they all stepped up to the oche during the recent Grand Slam of Darts tournament. If you’re not familiar with the word oche, it’s the line where players place their toe and make their throws from.

It struck us that, when people come to finance their vehicle purchase, it might be useful to try some of the tactics that darts players use when trying to score a certain number to win a leg. It’s called the checkout, and it’s something to do when considering the various finance and purchase options. Equally, top players don’t always take the most obvious route to the score they require. Instead they work out the way they feel most comfortable and the one that they believe gives them the best chance of success. Therefore, if a player has three darts to score 50, instead of simply aiming for the tiny bullseye, a player might try for a ten and then two darts at double 20, a larger target.

When choosing finance, it’s equally important to choose the payment route that best suits you. Hire purchase is the most familiar, offering a series of payments over a fixed period. At the end, the car is your property. However, there is also Personal Contract Plans, where monthly payments cover only a portion of the total guaranteed vehicle price. At the end of the payment period, you either pay the outstanding balance and gain ownership, or simply choose to return the vehicle. To discuss your options, or find out more, simply call one of our helpful Rix Motor Company finance team on 01925 230360.

Back to the darts. With the World Championships due over the festive period, can we wish all success to the three players we proudly sponsor – defending champion Gary Anderson, up-and-coming star Michael Smith, and tour stalwart Dave Chisnall. Another victory for Rix would be much appreciated guys!

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