Simple tricks to help you afford finance

Simple tricks to help you afford finance

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Here at Rix Motor Company, we’re making it our mission to provide everyone with brilliant vehicles at unbeatable value. Our finance arrangements make owning a vehicle possible for anyone. If, however, you’re wondering how to make your payments easier, we’ve come up with a few money-saving solutions to help towards your finance.

Quit the barista lifestyle

Sure, we all need a coffee fix, but the average Starbucks customer visits six times per month – that’s at least £24 on coffee every month. A whopping 20% of the Starbucks client base visits 16 times per month, parting with at least a cool £64 every month for a caffeine buzz. Our advice? Treat yourself to a funky flask and make your coffee yourself.

Opt for Netflix

Treating yourself to a cinema trip at the end of a long week can be great fun, but the cost of tickets and the inevitable bottomless popcorn can set you back around £15 per visit. If you’re going twice a month, you’re looking at £30 just for a couple of hours of entertainment. Instead, invest in a Netflix subscription – for just £5.99 per month you have access to unlimited viewing of thousands of films and television programmes, and they’re always changing. Invite friends over for film nights and ask them to each bring a snack – much more affordable, and even more fun.

Scramble your own eggs

Eating a meal out is always much more expensive than eating at home, so try and reduce the number of meals you consume on the go. Making sure you have breakfast at home means you’ll stay fuller for longer and need a lighter lunch, which will save you money by eating fewer meals out and making them smaller too. Scrambled eggs, porridge, granola and fruit salads are quick, healthy, low-cost breakfast options that are simple to make in a morning.

Making a few small lifestyle adjustments can free up lots of money in the long run – money you can use towards a number of amazing things. If you’re looking to spend those savings on a new car, contact us today to find out what we can do to help.

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