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You have seen the terms, used car, secondhand, nearly new and approved cars for sale on most dealership websites and most of them certainly come with finance. However, the term “second-hand” often and unfortunately has a somewhat negative connotation to it. It makes people think that, because an item has already been used who knows how many times, then they will not reap the usual benefits because the product in question is not at 100% in terms of performance or presentation, and in their minds, they might even think that it is faulty, making it almost unusable, at least to maximum capability. That is simply not always the case, however, especially when it comes to car finance deals, as we will now explain when noting the benefits of considering a second-hand car finance plan.

First of all, let us mention the obvious upside: a second-hand car will be cheaper than one that is brand new. When a vehicle is in mint condition and has never been touched, it sits at its absolute highest value, with rare exceptions being any vintage models that become classic cars decades down the line, or for any models used by celebrities that go on auction. Generally speaking, though, a used vehicle is always going to be priced lower for the simple reason that it has already been taken out on the road. So, for anybody who wishes to buy a vehicle but may not have the cash to cover a sparkling new model, a second-hand car is a very strong alternative.

Secondly, let’s address the earlier criticism that second-hand cars are in some ways inferior to models that have never been driven before. Bear in mind the reputation of the likes of Rix Motors (see our reviews here)and how we aim to satisfy customers at all times, and how we refuse to stock any motors that are incapable of completing the required objectives. In other words, if we deem that a car is unfit for the road for whatever reason, it simply will not be stocked. Yes, a second-hand car might not look quite as gleaming as one that has just left the production line, but it will still be of the required quality standard across the board. Rest assured that our fleet of second-hand cars are more than capable of handling everything that a customer would require from a vehicle.

Finally, owning a second-hand car is actually preferable to buying a brand new vehicle to many motorists for reasons that do not include the price. For drivers who simply want to get from A to B and might be a bit of, shall we say, a free spirit when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness, then a rougher second-hand model will suit them down to the ground, because they are not concerned if the mats end up being dirty or if their fingerprints end up smudged on the door handles. And for experienced drivers who have gotten over the idea that every vehicle they buy must be photogenic, a second-hand model that ticks all the boxes for a driving experience is more than suitable for their needs. Simply put, whilst a fresh vehicle is going to stand out more from a visual standpoint, when it comes to actually getting behind the wheel, a second-hand car is fully capable of the job, and we have plenty of first-class finance plans for second-hand vehicles here at Rix Motors.

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