The hatchback of Notre Dame

The hatchback of Notre Dame

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Beyond the obvious price tag issue, there are all sorts of reasons to plump for a used hatchback in today’s market. Here’s just a few of them:

Cutting down on depreciation

When you buy a brand new car, you will usually lose about a fifth of its value as soon as the car’s taken out of the garage, and most of these will then lose another tenth during their first year. That’s nearly a third of the total. At Rix Motor Company we have hatchbacks with a range of ages, including a Mercedes E220 with just 7000 miles on the clock, but all of them are bound to retain far more value than a brand new model. 

Keeping your insurance costs low

Not only does a cheaper car mean cheaper insurance, some elements of car insurance are mandatory for a brand new car, but can be waived for slightly older models. These can include collision and theft insurance, but you’ll need to check with your provider to ascertain the details.

Stretching your budget

Looking for a used hatchback in Warrington may bring cars that were previously outside of your price range back into it. At Rix we have Mercedes, Land Rovers and BMWs in impeccable condition, often way below the asking price a factory dealer would offer, including a Bentley Continental GT for under £55,000. Manufacturers are less inclined to remake their models each year than they used to, so your car is far less likely to look out of date after purchase.

Less to worry about

There are many ways to check the quality, mileage and insurance history of a car online nowadays, which means you’re taking less of a gamble on your purchase. At Rix we make it even easier for you: all our cars for sale are extensively HPI checked, with an up to date MOT, as well as a full dealer service history.

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