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‘The name’s RIX-RIX Motor Company’

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James Bond and Aston Martin are a classic combination. Everything about the character and the car says Power, Performance, Style and Wealth. Many of you may have dreamt about owning an Aston Martin, or looked and thought ‘if only’, but what if you could? Putting yourself in the driving seat of a classic Aston Martin is actually more affordable than you think; especially when you can buy a high quality used Aston Martin here in Cheshire.

A classic used Aston Martin such as the 2007 V8 Vantage is a stunning car that is engaging to drive. The power comes from the 4.3 litre V8 engine, which at 7,300 rpm develops 380 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque. The V8 Vantage may be a used Aston Martin but it delivers 100% when it comes to being very fast, sounding gorgeous when being driven, and of course looking stunningly stylish as all Aston Martins do.

The front to rear weight distribution is almost even, and when combined with the lightweight materials that were used in the construction of the V8 Vantage the car is both stable when driven at high speed and very agile when being drove on winding twisty roads.

When buying a used Aston Martin the car should have undamaged bodywork, an interior that is unmarked, and a full service history. Although Aston Martins should be serviced every six months, if you are buying a used vehicle that has low mileage it is probably a little unrealistic to expect to see this. You should, however, ensure it has an annual service history.

For those who love to drive, especially high quality prestige cars, a used 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage will not disappoint. When driven like this prestige car should be you get the best possible ride along with beautiful cabin quality and attention to detail making the Vantage V8 the perfect travelling companion.

This car has three key points which make it a great choice when looking to buy a quality used Aston Martin in Cheshire:

• excellent handling

• strong performance

• visually stunning

This car looks just as amazing as it did when it was first launched and is guaranteed to turn heads and gain admiring glances from passers by and other drivers.

Come over to Rix Motor Company and put yourself in the driving seat of a quality used Aston Martin and see how it feels.

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