The North West Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A Used Car

The North West Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A Used Car

Blog / The North West Is The Cheapest Place To Buy A Used Car


There is now apparently even more to enjoy about the north west of England on top of our great accents, amazing sceneries and affordable homes. It has been revealed that the region is also the cheapest place to buy a used car in the United Kingdom. Used cars in Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester are considerably cheaper than they are in towns and cities down south – especially areas such as London.

An analysis of over 200,000 used cars in the UK found that used cars in Warrington, as well as other places in the region like Liverpool and Manchester, can be purchased for up to 2.2% less than the national average. The data reveals that Manchester, for instance, boasts second hand cars that are 2.14% lower than the UK average, which is around £12,000. Meanwhile, in Liverpool, which is apparently the cheapest city in the UK for used vehicles, you can save as much as 2.28% off your second hand car.

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These figures are in stark contrast to a city like London, where second hand vehicles are an estimated 1% higher in cost, or Cardiff, where used cars get sold for roughly 2.21% more. The most expensive city in the United Kingdom to buy a used car, however, is apparently even further south: Plymouth. The affluent city along the south coast has prices, which are a shocking 5% higher than the national average.

There are a couple of reasons why used cars in Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester and other areas around the north west of England are far more affordable than other areas. To begin with, the north of England has a lower cost of living compared to the south, which is one of the reasons why everything from house prices to beer costs is considerably lower. The low cost of living affects the affordability of used cars too. Furthermore, the north west of England has a convenient rail network, cities in close proximity to one another and a higher concentration of used car dealerships. This means that the necessity for used cars is slightly lower in the region and prices are driven down by the plentiful competition.

Regardless of the reasons, it is a great time for prospective car owners in the area to begin looking into buying a used car. The research proves that you can potentially save hundreds of pounds off your vehicle purchase if you are fortunate enough to live in the North West. It is yet another reason to be proud of living in the region.

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