Ready to be a thorn in Ando’s side

Ready to be a thorn in Ando’s side

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ROBERT THORNTON is ready to do to Gary Anderson what Chelsea did to Spurs – and destroy his Premier League title hopes.

The Thorn takes on his fellow countryman in Manchester tonight (Thursday) with defending champ Ando needing just a point to book his place in the O2 finals.

Anderson has really struggled to get over the line to make the play-offs and finally kill off James Wade’s hopes of catching him.

But Thornton says he can emulate Chelsea and still destroy his pal’s hopes. He admitted: “Gary and I might both be proudly Scottish and pals, but he’ll get no help from me and he knows that.

“I guess it’s similar to the situation in the football earlier this week. Chelsea didn’t do any favours for Spurs.

“The beauty of the darts Premier League is that everyone is gunning for everyone else. Every week, you go up there trying to prove a point.

“The slagging fires around the practice room and you want to be winning so you can dish more out, plus there are thousands of people who have paid heard-earned cash to be entertained.

“Gary’s going to get one helluva fight from me. My record against him in the Premier League is decent and he knows what’s coming.”

Thornton has endured a wretched PL campaign with just two wins in 14 matches. But he goes to Manchester bidding to pick up some form and momentum for the rest of the year.

He added: ““The Premier League has been a great experience for me this year and I’m only sorry that it is coming to an end next week.

“People will wonder how I can say that because I am sitting in eighth place out of 10 players, but the table doesn’t tell the full story.

“Speak to any player and they will tell you the importance of making a fast start in this format.

“Get behind in the table and it becomes really tough to make up places because it is so cut-throat.

“I was ill in the beginning. I lost my first game 7-0 to Dave Chisnall and then spent the next week in bed unwell.

“It took weeks to get over and, in truth, I was out of running before I started even feeling 100 per cent again.

“The mantra from the midway point, with qualification gone, was to ensure I didn’t get relegated and enjoy the following five weeks.

“I’ve done that. I haven’t won as many games as I would have liked, yet I feel the form returning.

“It’s there in patches and it’s giving me confidence that, when I can string it all together, I’m going to have a good year.

“The Premier League might be coming to end, but the season is just getting started as far as I’m concerned because I’m going to be in good form going into the rest of the year.”

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