Providing a steady hand when it really matters

Providing a steady hand when it really matters

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If you have been watching world championship darts over the recent holiday period, you’ll probably know that here at Rix Motor Company, based in Warrington in Cheshire, we proudly sponsor a trio of top darts players, including newly-crowned PDC World Champion Gary Anderson.

Watching Gary’s stunning victory over the legendary Phil “The Power” Taylor made our entire team so proud, and lost in admiration for the steadiness of hand and spirit he displayed, as well as the ability to make and execute the best choices at crucial moments. 

A few days later, one of our team commented that these virtues are equally important when helping people find affordable car finance. This is why we offer a pair of valuable options, through our work with the country’s leading finance houses, to get quick answers and a package that truly suits your pocket.

You might opt for Hire Purchase with its low deposit and fixed payment period, where you own the car after all payments are made. The other increasingly popular option is PCP – a Personal Contract Plan. Here, at the end of the payment term, you can either complete the purchase of the vehicle or simply return it.

The simplest way to find out more about these options, and which best suits you, is to call our helpful and friendly finance specialists on 01925 230 360. Of course, it’s also great to have added security should the worst happen and your vehicle be stolen and not recovered, or written-off after an accident where you were in no way to blame. We can help here with either GAP or RRP protection. The former, Guaranteed Asset Protection cover, provides the chance to bridge the gap between an insurance company valuation and your outstanding loan amount. Retail Price Protection cover helps deal with the gap between that valuation and the purchase price. Again, a quick call to the above number, and we’ll happily talk through both of these options with you.

As one customer recently told us: ““When I’m buying something, I choose the people first. Then I know I can trust them to provide exactly what I want. That’s why I keep coming back here.” So, when looking to buy quality used prestige and sports cars on finance, we’re here at Hawleys Lane, Warrington in Cheshire and always ready to help.

Now, if we only had time to practice our darts…

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