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Officially, the Mercedes Benz E-Class range first saw the light of day in 1993, but its roots can be traced to the W120 series which was originally launched way back in 1953. Therefore, few modern vehicles have as long-standing a legacy as the E-Class, which has evolved with the times and the ever-changing climate of the automotive industry to offer what would be deemed the best driving experience possible based on its history and extensive customer feedback from down the years.  Here, we have picked out three of the top finance deals that we are providing right now for the Mercedes E-Class here at Rix Motors.

used mercedes e class finance E350 AMG-Rix-Motors

To begin with, there is our top of the range option for the Mercedes E-Class, that being for a 2018 registration model that is nearly new in age, yet is already very experienced as evidenced by its mileage thus far standing at 14,000. This saloon car has a sparkling obsidian black bodywork, and the vehicle runs on petrol with automatic transmission. To buy this car today will set you back £121 per week, which translates to approximately £484 on a monthly basis, or £28,999 to buy this model in one fell swoop.

used mercedes e class finance Black-Rix-Motors

If you are looking for a vehicle that is a little older in order to keep costs down, though, then we should direct you towards a plan that we have for a 2016 registration iteration of the Mercedes E-Class series. This particular model is a striking black saloon model that actually has a lower mileage to date of around 30,000. In this case, the vehicle runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and to purchase this motor, you will be paying £96 per week, meaning £384 per month or £22,999 as a complete purchase.

used mercedes e class finance E250 AMG-Rix-Motors

However, if you want to find the very best deal purely from a pricing perspective, then we urge you to check out our deal for a 2014 registration version of the Mercedes E-Class. This vehicle has a grey bodywork that suggests glamour and prestige, and it has proven to quite the efficient motor with a whopping 95,000 miles on its history over the past five years. This coupe car also runs on diesel power with automatic transmission, and it is available now from Rix Motors for just £63 per week, which results in £252 per month and £14,999 as a one-off buy.

These are just a few plans for the Mercedes E-Class range. When you’re ready for your next purchase, contact our Cheshire based team who will happily assist you with our most attractive finance offers on some of the most sort after car brands, visit the links below:

So, these are just some of the reasons why we are considered a leading car finance specialist, but you can learn more by contacting our vehicle financing team here or if you just want to browse our stock page first, feel free. For an instant No Obligation quoteApply today or Call us on 01925 230360.

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